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Thread: Curious if I am using too much bleach

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    Curious if I am using too much bleach

    OR more than normal anyway. I have a CYA of around 55 and this time of year I get direct sun on the pool most of the day since the leaves have yet to create the usual shade environment we normally have. Also right now we have a large amount of that yellow pollen falling into the pool as well. Will that cause the increased use of chlorine also? What would you consider normal usage for this pool in these conditions? It is an 18000 gal 27 round. It just seems that I am having to add bleach regularly to keep it up. I am not aware of how the direct sun affect chlorine use in the pool since we put it inn last july and had practically full shade then.
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    Re: Curious if I am using too much bleach

    The pool calculator can help you determine proper numbers and a good test kit will help you maintain those numbers.

    Sunlight breaks down chlorine so you have to replenish it so if you get daily sun it needs daily replenishment, the best thing is to have the the pool calculator and a good test kit.
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    Re: Curious if I am using too much bleach

    Like cramer said, lots of direct sunlight can increase the chlorine demand as can large amounts of pollen. Since this is your first spring this is also your first time seeing these are learning you pool and you local conditions. Be warned that pollen combined with low FC levels has a good potential for algae so keep on top of you pool. How is your water looking? Also, please put your pool specs in your signature.
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    Re: Curious if I am using too much bleach

    Thanks for the reply. I have no experience with this direct sun exposure and am finding out that the sun does indeed kick up your bleach requirements. It just hit me that I may have something more going on since there seemed to be this noticable need for more chlorine than I remembered. Also thanks for the heads up on the pollen as well. The water looks good. I opened it on the 12th and found the water looking very clear and sparkly. Just cold!!!! I had a winter cover setup that shed water pretty good off the cover and I had only slight need to bail water and therefore no debris getting in the water. I took the chlorine levels to shock and covered her up. I started heating the pool as soon as we started geting this above normal temps and it was 85 in about 3 days and we have been swimming for about a week now. Glad spring came early and also glad I got the heat pump last fall. It sure was nice to get the water temp up so early! Thanks again for the advice!
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