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Thread: Fiberglass pool crack--could it be leaking?

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    Fiberglass pool crack--could it be leaking?

    We have a Viking fiberglass pool--when we went to check on the water level under the winter cover we discovered it was really low. I knew something was up, because we usually have to pump several times during the winter with the rain and snow. We added water and we figure it's losing about 3-4 inches a day. We called the pool company and it will be covered if it is a crack in the shell and will not be covered if it is plumbing. We opened it and it's almost clear. We did have a hairline crack last year that looks like it is wider than last year. My DH says it's between 1/16 to maybe 1/8 wide. Could a crack like this be leaking? Also, the pool company says we need to find the leak ourself or pay them to have a company come out. We are at a loss on how to begin to find a pool leak. Different websites talk about a dye test. We also have an area that bulged and it had some hairline cracks last year too. How thick is a fiberglass pool? I just assumed you would have to see a large gap for the pool to be leaking? I am so hoping it's the shell--I cannot imagine what the plumbing cost will? Can someone tell us where to start?
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    Re: Fiberglass pool crack--could it be leaking?

    Water molecules are small ... the hole does not have to be big.

    Some hairline cracks could just be in the gel coat and the backing fiberglass is still sounds and not leaking (from boating experience ... in fact my jet ski currently has a big patch of fiberglass exposed below the waterline after the gel coat chipped off ... still floats).

    But a 1/8 crack seems a little large. The dye test does not sound difficult if you search the threads here (besides the water being cold).

    EDIT: Pictures could be helpful.
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    Re: Fiberglass pool crack--could it be leaking?

    The dye test is relatively easy to do. Just take a bottle of food coloring and place it underwater with the tip next to the suspected place and S L O W L Y squeeze a few drops out. If they migrate toward and into the crack then it's leaking. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if it's migrating to the hole so do it two or three times if in doubt.
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    Re: Fiberglass pool crack--could it be leaking?

    On a crack that wide I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that is most likely it.
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    Re: Fiberglass pool crack--could it be leaking?

    I'm actually hoping it is that crack--the pool company will fix it if it is. Either way I'm having come out and take a look at this crack. I think it needs to be repaired even if it is not leaking.
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