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Thread: Aquarite generator, only power light is on?

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    Aquarite generator, only power light is on?

    Hello, i have read the threads here about the digikey fix for the varistor, and i tried that but still have the same result, my aquarite generator only has the power light on. No other lights come on but the power light, everything else on the display is normal according to the tech i called. Other than i have no salt in my pool. What else could be the problem here? Or do i need a new board?


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    Re: Aquarite generator, only power light is on?

    Is the unit switched to either the "Auto" or "Super Chlorinate" mode or is it set to "Off"? What is the display reading?
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    Re: Aquarite generator, only power light is on?

    I agree with the previous post to make sure you are either in "auto" " super chlorinate," but there are a few other things to consider;

    1- If the salt level is 2500 or below the unit may turn it self off and not produce chlorine which would keep the generating light from coming on. If the salt level is below 2200 it is definitely off and will not generate. Bring the salt level up to at least 2700 ppm. NEVER AD SALT BASED ON THE SALT GENERATORS DISPLAY, ALWAYS HAVE IT DOUBLE CHECKED INDEPENDENTLY BY YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL SWIMMING POOL STORE. If you need salt we recommend you purchase it from your favorite local pool store as they will have the best quality salt. We do not recommend purchasing salt from a big box retailer or discount club as there is no way to assure the quality of the salt and you may end up with staining issues.

    2-Check the fuse. If the fuse is blown replace it. This should solve the problem.

    3-If the unit is on and the salt level has been verified as correct by the pool store but the unit is reading lower than the pool store then your cell has probably failed and it will need to be replaced. Most authorized Hayward warranty centers can test Turbo Cells. Find your local warranty center and take the cell to be tested. Keep in mind that sometimes a cell will test good on these units but they can still be bad.

    4-If the unit is on and the salt level is right and displays correctly, the fuse is good, and the cell has tested as good. Then the main board has probably failed and will need to be replaced.

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    Best of Luck
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    Re: Aquarite generator, only power light is on?

    First I do agree that if it doesn't make sense, you should verify the salt level. However, your own salt test kit whether strips or a drop based kit is better than the pool store tests most of the time.

    Second, Water softener salt or solar salt is as good or better than pool store salt. To ensure quality you just have to look at the label. If is says 100% salt there's nothing else in it.
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    Re: Aquarite generator, only power light is on?

    sorry it took me so long to reply, yes i can put the unit in auto or super and it dosent do anything, usually i hear it click and the generating light comes on but not anymore, i have checked the fuse and it isnt blown, the display is showing my salt level at "0" so if this is correct then the unit wont even attempt to generate? or should the check salt light come on? i will verify the salt level with a test kit.


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