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Thread: cover blew off, now what?

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    cover blew off, now what?

    As with everyone else, we've had very warm days. Wind blew cover off, and lots of leaves/debris fell into water. I didn't want to cover it back up with the warm temps, but not sure what to do now. I've added a few gallons of bleach and agitated it somewhat using a submersible pump (hose snaking through the water type thing..clearly not the most effective method!). Trying to scoop out as much debris as I can, but don't think I can get enough without vacuuming...but hate to start things up so early, as more than likely, we will get a cold snap at some point. I doubt water temps will be swim-able till May at any rate.

    So, has anyone come up with some very clever way to 'vacuum' out leaves, etc, without hooking up the filter system?? Rigged up shop vac??? Anything? Just want to avoid the expense of paying to run the filter and extra 2 months but not be able to use the pool. I guess if worse comes to worse, I just do the best I can mixing in bleach, but plan to drain and start from scratch at 'open' time. Thanks!
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    Re: cover blew off, now what?

    What about buying a cheap Intex pump and filter combo? Hook the vacuum to the suction and just drop the return back into the pool. Throw the cheap cartridge away. Won't be crystal clear but will let you vacuum
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    Re: cover blew off, now what?

    Thank you for the idea, Carlscan! Where can I find this intext pump/filter? Will give it a go...can't hurt!
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    Re: cover blew off, now what?

    Not sure where you are at spf but Wal-Mart or Academy might be places to look.

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    Re: cover blew off, now what?

    You can also just add bleach and run the pump for 1 hour to mix it in. Most intex equipment has 1.25" hoses and connections so your vacuum may not fit. You can try to use the siphon vacuum method ala Frustrated Pool Mom. Be warned - water goes everywhere.

    "Take one end of the vac hose and rest it outside the pool on the ground.

    Take the pole and vac head and attach them, have them ready for attaching the other hose end. if you have an extra set of hands to assist you with assembly that's helpful. Take the other hose end, and with the pump running, prime the hose by holding it up to the eyeball return. You'll see the water coming out of the hose-end that is laying on the ground.

    Keep the hose-end under the water after it's primed, and move away from the eyeball, keeping it submerged means it won't lose prime. Water will continue to leave the pool thru the other end. Attach the submerged end to the vac head, taking care not to lose prime, so keep the vac head submerged too while you attach the hose. Then turn off the pump and vacuum as normal. The siphon action created means you can vacuum to waste without needing the filter and all that crud just goes out with the water."
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