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Thread: Filter not catching fine debris

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    Filter not catching fine debris

    Hi all, I am haveing a hard time with my new pool. The water is clear, chems are good. But I keep getting a fine dust/sandlike debris that settles in the same spots after every vacuuming. I will try to report clearly on what I have done to date to find out what is happening.

    First I was letting my robot vac loose every day. The debris would be just about all gone after it's cycle but would settle back in the same locations on the bottom (near each return for the most part)

    Next I tried tying a stocking to a return and it caught nothing.

    Then I put a skimmer basket filter in and it does not seem to catch the fine debris

    Then I got out the manual vac and tried that. Got all the stuff up but it was right back in 6 hrs

    Then I manual vacuumed to waste, then ran the normal pump cylce which is 2.5 hrs , twice a day. Debris comes right back

    Then I just swept it and it immediatley dissappears but settles back in an hour or two

    Then I Manual vacuumed and then turned the pump off for 24 hrs. only a little bit came back

    Then I turned the pump cycle back on that evening and the stuff was back in the morning

    Then I manually vacuumed and ran the pump on recirc only. The stuff came back just as ity did when doing the other methods

    Then I vacuumed as much as I could get to with my battery powered shop vac (shallow end is all I can reach) This is the only way I could actually capture some of the debris. I plan to get it tested. I actually think the debris is either the colored cement and or the colored release agent used in the stamped concrte process. But I guess I cannot prove that unless I get it tested.

    Then I manual vacuumed (to waste) several more times, thinking maybe I could clear out the stuff from the filter?? No help so far

    Lastly, I am concerned that the pump is sucking air (and maybe dirt) from somewhere. I notice when i start the vacuume process that if I throttle back the main drain to get more suction, the pump basket empties itself and fills with air. If I open the main drain and turn on the water to the slide, the pump will clear up in 5 minutes or so. But even on the low pump setting the pump basket has some air in it. I changed the basket's gasket and it seems to have helped some but not much.

    If anyone out there has any expertise in this area, i would certainly love to chat with you. This is my first pool so my knowledge on these things is limited to common sense. So here is my list of things I have come up with as possible causes.

    Zeobrite filter media is not working, maybe a real good cartrige fltr would fix it??
    I am wondering if the Pool co. Installed the Hayward filter improperly.
    Maybe the valve on top of the filter is letting stuff by??
    Could the very small debris have inundated the filter media and thus no amount of vacuuming to waste will rid the filter of it?
    Is it possible that the system is sucking in air and dirt but only when the pump is running?? The pool does not seem to be losing water except of course when I vac to waste.
    Maybe I should take the filter apart and clean it and start over?

    Sorry to be so longwinded

    Frustrated, and pool season is close around here!
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    Re: Filter not catching fine debris

    Get a little of that debris you captured and examine it carefully. It should be a little gritty if it's dirt or colorant. If it isn't gritty but slimey, then it may be dead algae.

    It sounds like you have some captured so roll a little of it between your thumb and forefinger and tell us what it feels like.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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    Re: Filter not catching fine debris

    I'm thinking a by-pass in the filter or multiport.

    If the debris comes back in the same area, it's because of the circulation of your pool (to test this, readjust the directionals and see if the debris settlement moves accordingly). But it also sounds like bypass - though you've done the stocking test for that...

    Check your multi and let us know what you find
    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

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    Re: Filter not catching fine debris

    I know this is from last year, but I have the same exact issue. Was there ever any resolve? I have a sand filter, tried several vaccumming methods mentioned but dirt always comes back hours after I vaccum. It's frustrating to say the least. My pool is clear and chemicals perfect.
    Southern NJ, 1 HP Haward Pump, 16x 32 dimensions, 21,000 gallon vinyl liner inground pool, TF-100 test kit.

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