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Thread: Okay I'm beat - wiring max-e-pro 2 speed swg 220v intermatic

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    Okay I'm beat - wiring max-e-pro 2 speed swg 220v intermatic

    I thought this would be an easy switch over but my brain is fried.

    I had a single speed max-e-pro and replaced it with a 2 speed of the same model P6RA6YF-206L. I have a Aqua Rite SWG and a Intermatic T104R.

    1. I thought the new pump would have a toggle for high and low speed, but it doesn't.
    2. The pump wiring instructions are crappy, combining 115v and 230v in the same diagram. However, I think it deals with four terminals:
    A, L2, L1 and G. L2 gets line voltage all the time and the other line switched between A (low speed) and L1 (high speed).

    3. The diagram shows the switching between A and L1 is done but a SPDT switch (which they don't mention whether it's included or not).

    4. The Intermatic seems to be a SPDT switch, in that it seems to cut both line voltage wires when in the off position (so no power is sent to the existing motor). The screws are numbered 1,2,3,4 and it seems that line comes in on 1 and 3 and goes out on 2 and 4.

    5. There is one weird thing on the pump. With the end cap removed, there seems to be plastic caps covering a set of electrical contacts, in a "Y" configuration. The old pump motor has the same contact configuration but there aren't any plastic caps. The look like they are something for shipping but the installation manual doesn't show the contacts, much less the plastic caps.

    My plan was to run the SWG whether the pump is on high speed or low. If that's too tricky I'd just do it with low speed. It seems the easier thing would be to get a SPDT switch that switches the one line voltage wire from high speed to low speed. I don't see any need for a center off position because I can turn the motor off at the breaker box (which is located at the timer). If so, can someone point me to an inexpensive one? I've seen some toggle switches but they aren't enclosed at all. Levitron makes a lightswitch looking thing, but it's $50. Apparently intermatic has a T106 for use with a 2 speed, but that's $125.

    Once I find this SPDT switch, I still need some help on wiring it. Breaker to Intermatic to SPDT to pump - maybe not in that order. And then where should the SWG connect? I understand that there might be power running all the time to the pump, but that's okay since I'll cut the breaker whenever I work on it (assuming having one line voltage line hooked up all the time doesn't hurt anything).
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    Re: Okay I'm beat - wiring max-e-pro 2 speed swg 220v interm

    The standard Intermatic timers for 240 volts are DPST, two switches that either connect or disconnect at the same time. The timer will be able to turn the pump on and off, but it will not be able to change speed. The common setup is to use the timer to set the run time, and then manually change speeds using the switch. If you want the timer to be able to change speeds you need to get a timer that is specifically designed to control a two speed pump, which will have more than four terminals on it.

    The basic wiring is two hot wires from the breaker go to terminals 1 & 3 on the timer. #2 on the timer goes to the common connection on the pump. #4 on the timer runs to the center terminal on a SPDT switch and then the two side terminals run to the low and high speed connections on the pump.

    There are two ways to wire the SWG, depending if you want it to run at either speed, or only when the pump is on high speed. To have the SWG run all the time on either speed, wire it to terminals 2 & 4 on the timer. To have the SWG only run on high speed, wire one side to terminal #2 on the timer and the other wire to the high speed side of the SPDT switch.

    Pumps vary, some include a speed switch and others don't. Speed switches are getting less common because of a California energy efficiency rule that requires automatic reduction to low speed if the pump is left on for too long. If they see a manual switch they tend to assume it won't turn to low speed automatically and fail it, even if the switch isn't wired to anything and the correct control system is hooked up.
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    Re: Okay I'm beat - wiring max-e-pro 2 speed swg 220v interm

    You can't do it with just that timer -
    go here - ... gories.bok

    Then look anything with the PE153 in the SKU

    Or at this one SKU: T10604R

    Some of the others on that page can also.

    My major point is that the single T104 timer can't do what you want.
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    Re: Okay I'm beat - wiring max-e-pro 2 speed swg 220v interm

    Quote Originally Posted by Ohm_Boy
    OK, Just for info...
    Here is a basic diagram for using a double-throw switch (it's called out as a DPDT, but could be SPDT since only one side is used) to select low or high speed for a motor. This does not provide start/stop control, only the ability to select a speed.[attachment=1:8p6oekuv]Hi-Low_DPDT.jpg[/attachment:8p6oekuv]

    Using a DPDT Center-Off switch, one can add on/off control as well, as shown in this schematic.[attachment=0:8p6oekuv]Hi-Low-On-Off_DPDT.jpg[/attachment:8p6oekuv]

    Quote Originally Posted by Ohm_Boy
    Dunno if this will help anyone, but here are some search links for 20 amp DPDT center-off toggle switches from Grainger, Digikey, and Mouser. And for those in Orlando, Skycraft.

    Grainger search DPDT ON-OFF-ON Motor-rated, 20A ... 4293703197

    Digikey search (toggle switches) DPDT ON-OFF-ON 20A ... 0On-Off-On

    Mouser search (toggle switches) DPDT ON-OFF-ON 20A ... 0A&FS=True

    Skycraft Surplus DPDT On-Off-On 20A ... Off-On+20A
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    Re: Okay I'm beat - wiring max-e-pro 2 speed swg 220v interm

    I had the same issue except that I had two timers (high & low). I finally gave up and used the internal SWG timer, much to my dismay. It seems nothing I found addressed my situation and a volt meter wasn't even helpful.

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