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Thread: Could I even run a 3HP pump

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    Could I even run a 3HP pump

    I'm currently evaluating whether to buy the Ecostar or the Intelliflo pump. I've read a variety of posts here and other information online. Seems like the consensus is that the Ecostar is more efficient at the low speed (which is what I'm mainly after). However I also see that the Intelliflo has a ceiling of 3HP.

    My pool return is 1.5" from skimmer and 1.5" from bottom drain, a 1" cleaner port and built in spa (4 jets) is 2". Is it even feasible that I would ever run the spa at 3HP (i.e. Intelliflo)? Looking to the future, what features would require pumps of 3HP? I'd hate to go the direction of a 2HP pump for a little better efficiency, only to find out I need a 3HP pump in the future for some new feature.

    I have found both pumps for basically the same price locally, so price is not an issue between the two.
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    Re: Could I even run a 3HP pump

    Motor labels can be very deceiving. While the Intelliflo may use a larger motor than the EcoStar, both pumps produce about the same flow rate on the same plumbing system. This is data directly from the CEC database:

    Curve-C @ 3450 RPM
    EcoStar: 98 GPM @ 2324 Watts - 2.53 Gallons/Watt-hr
    Intelliflo: 97 GPM @ 2720 Watts - 2.14 Gallons/Watt-hr

    Also, the total HP of each motor is actually 3.96 THP for the Intelliflo and 2.7 THP for the EcoStar. Part of the reason that the EcoStar may be able to use a smaller motor while delivering the same flow rate is that it uses less power to deliver that flow rate although it doesn't account for all of the difference.

    The biggest concern you should have when choosing a pump is reliability. The EcoStar has not been in the field as long as the Intelliflo.
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    Re: Could I even run a 3HP pump

    I would recommend getting whichever pump matches your current equipment. If you have all Hayward equipment, go for the Ecostar. If you have Pentair equipment, the Intelliflo will suit you best. This becomes increasingly important if you plan to use automatic controls at any point in the future.

    One more thing to note is the difference in size. Not sure how much room you have to work with on your equipment pad, but the Ecostar is a bigger unit.

    12.5" tall
    10.78" wide
    23.41" long

    13.55" tall
    11.53" wide
    26.12" long

    For what it's worth, we sell more Intelliflos than Ecostars.

    Have a great weekend!

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