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Thread: Problem with CMP Power Clean Ultra Chlorinator

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    Problem with CMP Power Clean Ultra Chlorinator

    Hello - I recently had an in-line CMP Power Clean Ultra tab chlorinator installed in my new pool. My PB talked me into putting ozone in (long story) and had suggested just putting the chlorine tabs in the skimmer basket. I did not want to do that so he installed the chlorinator. The unit has a dial from o to 1 with 0.5 in the middle. I started the unit up per the instructions and made sure that the chamber was filled with water and set the dial at 0.5 (halfway) to get a calibration on the feed rate.

    I currently have my pump and filter running 4 hours a day until the weather warms up. I am currently checking my chemistry every few days and noticed that my chlorine level kept dropping. I think the chlorinator may be vapor locking when the pump shuts off. When I go out and look at the chlorinator when the pump is running - the water level is very low. I still have flow going through the site tube, but the chlorinator has very little water in it. I have had 6-3in tabs in there for about 1.5 weeks and only 1 tab is about 3/4 dissolved.

    A few questions:
    1. Is the chlorinator supposed to stay filled with water when the pump is running
    2. Any idea about what the dial settings correspond to as far as chlorine level in the pool?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    Problem with CMP Power Clean Ultra Chlorinator

    I have the off line version of this Chlorinator. Since you are only running the filter 4 hrs per day, you need to turn it up, perhaps all the way. I normally run my filter 8 - 12 hours a day during the season.

    The water does not stay up to the cover in my unit when it is running. I found it was better last year to only add 2 - 3 pucks a week instead of filling it upon with 9 pucks.

    I stopped using my chlorinator at the end of last season since the CYA levels were high most of last year ( 2d year with pool). I started using liquid chlorine from the pool store or liquid Clorox.

    I never did find an article that converted the dial markings to the amount of chlorine being added to the pool, but this would depend on a fixed flow rate. I have a 1 HP pump with a 200 sf cartridge filter and a fiberglass pool.

    Let me know if you need more help.

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    Re: Problem with CMP Power Clean Ultra Chlorinator

    Thanks for the response. I am also worried about the rise in the CYA level. I am currently researching alternatives to the chlorinator. It seems like the liquidator may not be a good solution due to the size of my pool
    45000 IG unite pool with Jandy LRZ Heater, Polaris 280, 1.5 HP pump, Jandy DE Filter

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    Re: Problem with CMP Power Clean Ultra Chlorinator

    With a pool that big you're either going to need an injection pump and large tank or a swcg.
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