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Thread: Lowering TA

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    Lowering TA

    Hi, I am in the process of balancing my water. My original TA was 300 and so far by following the acid/airation method I have added 400g in total of acid and it is still only on 140. What would be the normal amount to have to add altogether to get the TA from 300-100. My tub holds a 1000ltrs.

    I understand that ph need less acid to adjust it the lower the TA is but does the TA become easier to adjust as well or does the reduction in TA stay directly proportional to the amount of acid u add No matter what the TA is (eg 150g will adjust a TA of 300-260 and a TA of say 140-100.) If thats the case as TA comes down u add less acid to adjust ph from 7.8-7.0 and therefore the TA adjusts less?



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    Re: Lowering TA

    I just plugged your numbers into

    400g of dry acid in 1000l will reduce TA 155 ppm. Which is pretty darn close to your drop of 160!

    Plug your numbers into Up near the top you can pick the units. Down near the bottom, you can select surface and chlorine source and it will set the recommended levels for you. Then just plug things in. And way down the page there is a thing called "effects of adding chemicals" which is where I got the 155.

    Yes, TA will adjust easier as you get closer to your target. Just play with the numbers in and you'll see the acid demand will change for adjusting pH depending on the TA.
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