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Thread: Help- befor i put in new liner

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    Help- befor i put in new liner

    ants destroyed the 5 year old liner in my pool last year. after paying a scuba diver twice to find and patch over 50 pinholes, the ants still won. question is what can i use to prevent this befor we put in the new liner?

    i know a weed and grass killer was used befor i put in the last liner, we didn't have a problem with weeds. we have a ground cover and sand base.

    i would like to find non toxic ant killer that works.

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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    I use Diazinon (sp?) powder and it is quite effective. The ants take it back and it kills the queen. I'm not aware of any non toxic ant killer that works. Of course you'll only be abe to spread this under the pool once and can repeat regularly around the pool but that may not be close enough to the colony...Are you sure they weren't termites?
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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    the guy who found the pinholes and my husband both thought they were ants. i have 3 cats, that's why i hoped to find something that won't hurt them as well.

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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    Welcome to TFP!!

    DE might be an effective answer. I'd treat the sand beneath the liner and the outer perimeter of the walls. (I doubt the kitties will be frolicking under the liner )
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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    You might want to remove the sand, put down landscape fabric, and then reinstall the sand. Weed-X AT fabric claims to stop ants and termites. It is treated with something, so you might want to check that the treatment chemical would not adversely affect the liner.

    Even though the liner would not be in direct contact with the fabric, the chemical might migrate through the sand and get to the liner. Instead of reinstalling the sand after installing the landscaping fabric, you might want to use a vermiculite base, which would be a more solid barrier to intrusion.

    Weed-X®AT is a treated material which provides the added benefit of ensuring that ants and termites won’t damage the material. This is especially important in areas of the country where fire ants are a problem. ... pe-fabric/ ... t-termite/
    [edit]The landscaping fabric treatment chemical is Bifenthrin, which I think is safe to use with near vinyl, but you might want to check with the liner manufacturer just to be sure.

    The product website does say "contains Bifenthrin: Not for use in edible garden, pond or pool applications!", but I think that that's only for direct contact with the water. You could contact the manufacturer to be sure.[end edit]

    Instead of, or in addition to, the landscaping fabric, you could use an EPDM rubber pond liner below the sand. Because the liner is not permeable, I think that you would want to avoid creating a situation where the pond liner could potentially trap water against the steel walls of the pool as that might increase the risk of wall corrosion.
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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    What about a gorilla pad?

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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    We used landscaping fabric under the sand and it worked well. Even with no pool over it....
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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    Try this product:
    It should be available at HomeDepot
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    Re: Help- befor i put in new liner

    What about using the Weed X stuff, then putting the gorilla pad or perfect pool liner or this: ... LGP24R.htm
    on top of it?
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