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Thread: Mesh Safety Cover - winter damage?

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    Mesh Safety Cover - winter damage?

    So, to ease my spring openings, I installed a mesh safety cover last fall. I drained to a level recommended by the cover manufacture.

    This weekend, being as nice as it was, I started thinking pool! So I did a walk around to check things out. Noticed that the water was 1 foot lower than what I drained. Upon further inspection I had found about a 3 foot rip in the liner. Not what I wanted to see!

    So, here's my questions? For ref. The liner is about 15years old.

    Did using the mesh safety cover and improper closing have something to do with it?

    What is the best mil thickness for a liner, I've read pros and cons on both lighter and heavy weight liners.

    How difficult is a liner to install for a do it yourselfer?

    Is the anything to look for or inspect when the old liner is out? i.e. walls, floor, etc....

    Pool specs"

    18x36 inground 8ft to 3ft with fiberglass steps in the shallow end.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover - winter damage?

    I wouldn't think a mesh cover would have any effect on the pool. At 15 years, you've gotten more than your money's worth out of your liner. A liner is a DIY project, but you really need a vac that is capable of holding the liner while you are arranging it and the ability to repair the bottom as needed.
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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover - winter damage?

    Thanks JohnT,

    I figured the age of the liner had something to do with it and was anticipating replacing the liner in the near future (now!) I just want to be sure I don't destroy a new liner next winter shut down.

    Any insight on suggested mil thickness of a new liner?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Mesh Safety Cover - winter damage?

    Chris, welcome to TFP!!

    Before the new liner is installed, you want the walls and floor to be smooth and 100% debris free!!!!! This is of more importance than the thickness of the new liner, though I would go with at least 20 mil.

    I don't know what your floor is made of but, after 15 years, I'm sure it will need some work.

    Get some quotes, find out what each company will and won't do (without an added charge) and bounce those proposals off us before you sign on the dotted line and write a check.
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