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Thread: What adapter?

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    What adapter?

    Well, my old pump finally died and I purchased a new one, which of course has a different fitting for connecting to the sand filter. Below are 3 pics, my old pump, the pipe that attached to it and my new pump. What sort of adapter do i need to make my current piping work with this pump?

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    Re: What adapter?

    Looks like a nipple in the pump volute attached to a threaded union would work
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    Re: What adapter?

    If that's a standard union half on the filter hose then Axell is correct. All you need is a union and a nipple. If it's not I'd change the hose out to rigid PVC all the way.
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    Re: What adapter?

    Is that inner threading the right size to connect a pvc end (such as the ones you can buy at hardware stores)?

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    Re: What adapter?

    A standard 1.5" M/A (male adapter) schedule 40 PVC should connect to the pump.

    I would also add a 1.5" union to make 'playing with' or taking in the motor for the winter a LOT easier.

    If you need any help on sealing the threads or gluing the PVC - simply ask and we can tell you step - by - step what you'll need to get and how to attach the pump to the filter.
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