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Thread: Your recommendation please...Thanks

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    Your recommendation please...Thanks

    We have a one year old 14 X 28 kidney shape. an egg shaped 12 inch deep tanning ledge of about 6 x 6 at one end, two steps down from that, 3 feet deep to 5.5 feet deep and a swim out ledge at the deep end. Gunite construction. Tile trim along water line. One skimmer, two drains in deep end. Mostly pine trees which means pinestraw, pine cones, some leaves from nearby oaks. Plumbed for a side suction. No booster pump. It is a small adult cocktail pool. No diving board, no laps, just get wet, float, enjoy!

    Builder recommended Polaris 280/380 with a booster pump and $1,000. Based upon comments from many people about the Polaris breaking, (as one store clerk said, "we keep a whole wall of Polaris parts for a reason") I went with a Zodiac Baracuda G2.

    Immediately discovered that if I use the skimmer, then I loose the skimmer and cannot automatically skip debris off the surface. Then plugged it into the side dedicated line, but very little suction. Tried to close the skimmer line about 2/3 shut and got enough suction for the Baracuda to at least work. Skimmer at less than optimal functioning. The Baracuda G2 doe snot climb the walls, does not get the steps, the swim out or the tanning ledge. Debris such as pine cone, acorn or frog will clog and stop it.

    We want something better. This product, I think, is bets suited to Florida and sucking up sand.
    Options: 1) No other suction will work either. 2) Polaris 280/380 plus the booster pump and spend $1,000. 3) Robotic, which is what I am looking at. We are in a remote location, 1.5 hours from any major city, so reliability is very high on the list. We have a Leslie pool supply store, SAM's Club, target, Wal-Mart and that's it locally. The Leslie store carries Dolphin and Polaris 9300. My pool guy that services the pool, and built the pool, says cleaning the sides is not that big a deal. He suggests that a bottom cleaner will do, with an occasional brushing of the side tiles. But, the whole purpose of a cleaner is to do the work, so I can float and consume. : )

    This is a small pool. We never cover it, we are close to Florida, and it runs 12 months a year. I'd like to stay in a budget of less than $1,000. Polaris 9300?; Aquabot Turbo T-Jet?; Aquabot Jr.; Dolphin?; Water tech?; Go with Polaris 280/380 and a booster pump?

    Appreciate any input, opinions. No opinions are bad, some just don't get used...

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    Re: Your recommendation please...Thanks

    McManus, welcome to TFP!
    Another option to consider: there are some pressure-side cleaners that don't require a booster pump, like the Polaris 360 and The Pool Cleaner. Lots of people have Polaris cleaners with few to no problems.

    I don't know of any cleaner that could suck up a pine cone. Hopefully some more people will stop by and help out!
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    Re: Your recommendation please...Thanks

    I have the Poolcleaner and love it. I is a suction side cleaner and have repeatedly cleaned up my pool after storms. It does not clean my steps either, I have to brush them prior to running the cleaner. I have had to quit using my cleaner because some times it will just spin the wheels and not climb the wall and it is rubbing off the pattern of my vinyl liner in these areas. My concern is that if it is rubbing off the pattern it is also making my liner thinner. You have a gunite pool so this should not be an issue. I am close to Florida as well. This probably is not the area but I would be interested in selling my cleaner and would not mind if you want to test drive it. PM me if you are interested.
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    Re: Your recommendation please...Thanks

    I have a similar pool and we have a Polaris 280 with a 3/4 hp booster it is wonderful and works great ! Go with the 280 not the 380, the 380 is belt driven and prone to broken belts, while the 280 is gear driven and more reliable.
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    Re: Your recommendation please...Thanks

    Thanks for the info. To go with the Polaris 280 means adding a booster pump and after install I'm looking at $1,000. Some additional info is that my pool is less than 10,000 gallons, probably around 7,000 to 8,000, so it is small.
    My pool man recommends against the Polaris 380, as he has had numerous customers with problems/repairs.
    The PoolCleaner is new to me. It looks like it would either need to plug into the skimmer (and therefore I lose the skimmer) or the dedication suction line on the pool wall. (Same hookup as the Baracuda) This dedicated line lacks the suction to make the Baracuda work, so I wonder if it would also lack the power to make the PoolCleaner work. Those that have it, if you can tell me the pressure required, I can measure my line pressure and see if I have enough. Also, for the money (about $400, I am close to the price of a Robotic unit)
    I still think I am leaning toward a small robotic unit.
    I am still learning here, so keep the suggestions coming. Thanks.

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    Re: Your recommendation please...Thanks

    Hey McManus, welcome to TFP!

    Like mentioned above, choose the 280 over the 380 (if you go that route). In addition to being gear driven, the 280 has a much larger throat. Another option (that would not require a booster pump) is the Kreepy Krauly Letro Legend 2.

    But to me it sound like you want full functionality from your skimmer, and since buying a suction cleaner AND booster pump can get pricey - I honestly would recommend a robotic cleaner. Spending a little more money now can save you a big headache later.

    As for robotic cleaners, the 9300 or the Dolphin are great. Keep in mind that the 9300 is still pretty new to the market, so it's hard to judge the expected lifespan of the cleaner. For pricing comparisons, remember that the Dolphin does not come with the caddy (about $100 extra).

    No matter which cleaner you go with, you will have to fish out pine cones by hand. No cleaner will effectively pick them up.

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    Re: Your recommendation please...Thanks

    Any of the Aquabots will a very good bang for your buck.
    I have a small (3,750 gallon) in-ground, Viking pool - 2hp Jandy pump, AquaPure 700 Cholorinator, Jandy Aqualink, and Jandy CJ250 filter

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