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Thread: hayward swim pure question

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    hayward swim pure question

    having pool issues. went to local pool store and they suggested i re-calibrate the salt system. I followed their directions:

    with pump on and switch to auto i pushed the diagnostic button until a negative number is displayed ( i did so and the only negative # was -0)
    i then switched to super-chlorinate..waited until the -0 became 0 then switched back to auto...pump ran all night and woke to a very cloudy pool...display still reads 0...tried turning pump off/on...display still reads 0


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    Re: hayward swim pure question

    Hi, welcome to TFP! What are the issues you have, other than trying to re-calibrate the salt system?
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    Re: hayward swim pure question

    thanks for the it normal to HAVE to clean the cartridge filter every single week? mine is a must...secondly, my display is still showing 0 since i tried to there a better way to reset the system?

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    Re: hayward swim pure question

    Is it normal to HAVE to clean the cartridge filter every single week?
    Absolutely not. You are accumulating debris in your filter too quickly. Unless you have a particularly dirty environment or a horribly undersized filter, I suspect you have some algae working in your pool (even though you may not see it)

    Can you post a full set of test results? How does your water look?
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    Re: hayward swim pure question

    Just dittoing the request for a set of test results.
    I'm still interested to know what made them suggest recalibrating the salt system?
    What was the swcg showing before you recalibrated it? (lights, display, etc)
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    Re: hayward swim pure question

    pool is rapidly turning green! display reads 0, 76,0.9,0.00,100p,-0,AL-0,r1.40
    desperate for help...

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    Re: hayward swim pure question

    Welcome to TFP!

    We cannot troubleshoot your salt system until we know what is going on with your water first. Here are the test results we need from you..

    calcium hardness
    salt level (not from the SWCG but by testing the water)
    water temp

    Not to worry or panic. Green water can easily be made clear again. If you don't have a test kit that can get these results, then have a pool store run the tests for you. They probably won't be as accurate as needed but they will get us in the ballpark.

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