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Thread: It's Time to think about a new filter-Options?

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    It's Time to think about a new filter-Options?

    Currently have a PacFab aka Pentair Triton II Fiberglass sand filter, 30" 4.91sf, that is 12+ years old and starting to show it's age. Last year or so it started to develop pinhole leaks on the upper 1/2 of the fiberglass tank. Also has a small leak on the top at the bonnet. Replaced the gasket last year but it now appears there is a hairline crack in the flange on the tank near the threads...soo.. time to think about a new filter?
    Options replace in kind w/ another Pentair think it would equal the TR100,
    Hayward S310S also seems an equal option.
    Any thoughts regarding these or any other alternates?
    I'm in sunny Az and the FG tank deterioration is a bit of a concern. Think it was cooked by our sun, even though it is only in direct sunlight 1/2 the day or less between the house & the wall). Most of these "pinholes" are on the south side of the tank.
    Also any tricks to the swap? Had a pool guy tell me could just sawzall the top off, scoop out the sand and pull the tank at the flanges and replace. Have a vertical backwash valve, am not trying to do more than I need to, so would like to avoid a full plumbing redo, assume the tank flange spacing is an industry standard so would not be an issue to go from the PacFab to the Hayward?

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    Re: It's Time to think about a new filter-Options?

    Hi, welcome to TFP! Can you post a picture of the current set up?
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    Re: It's Time to think about a new filter-Options?

    I'm in AZ and have the same filter tank you do. Mine is 15+ years old and still going strong. I haven't considered replacing it, but when I do, I'll get the same or similar. The only change I'd consider is BIGGER (I don't think there is one). More size = More sand. More sand = More surface area. More surface area = Mo betta filtration.

    I have played with the idea of a Zeolite or Zeobrite filter media but only if the sand magically stops working.
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    Re: It's Time to think about a new filter-Options?

    The last brand I would use is Hayward.

    When it comes to filter size, generally bigger is better but you have to watch the pump power too. A 100 square foot DE filter and a 1/2 HP pump are a bad mix when it comes to back washing due to the lower volume of water pushed.

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    Re: It's Time to think about a new filter-Options?

    Our house came with a pool that was redone probably about 8-10 years ago. They put in a Pentair stainless DE filter and I'm really happy with this filter. I just replaced all of the grids recently and the unit works perfectly and keeps the water crystal clear. I've been amazed at how clean this filter can get the water. We've had some big pool parties with lots of kids in the pool, and a couple of times the water looked pretty nasty the next day. After throwing some shock powder in the pool and letting the filter run for a few hours, the pool looks great. Our equipment pad is not covered, though it's somewhat shaded behind the pool house, so the equipment doesn't typically get direct sun. Even so, I'm happy the filter is stainless as I'm sure it will continue to function without deterioration for many more years. I've looked at the new filters available, and I can't seem to find any that are as solidly constructed. They all seem to be made of plastic or fiberglass now. Does anyone still sell SS pool filters?

    The only thing I didn't like about this filter was the process of cleaning it. This was really due to difficulty in getting the top back on over the o-ring. I've since replaced the o-ring and have it covered with silicone lube. I discovered the best way to get the lid back on is to do the following: close the backflush valve and fill the filter 1/2 up with water, then place the lid on top of the o-ring evenly, and then open the backflush valve. As the water runs out, this generates a vacuum that helps to pull the lid down evenly. I then add the locking ring, crank it down and it's ready to go.
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    Re: It's Time to think about a new filter-Options?

    To make it easier to do the swap try to stay with the same manufacturer better chance of things being the same. If you increase filter size there is a chance things wont line up due to tank size.
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