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Thread: Programming My Spa

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    Programming My Spa

    Hello and thanks in advance for any advice, I appreciate it. So we moved into a new house and it has a hot tub. We were excited but also nervous because we have never had one. We got our first power bill and it was very high. So I am trying to figure this out. The first thing I want to do is to make sure I am programming the filter cycle correct.

    The type of spa we have is called an Image Renew 628..I have no idea if it's good or bad. It seems fine, except the manual is very vague on how to program it? It says the spa will filter every 12 hours, the duration being from 2 to 5 hours. To do that I have to hold the temp button until it blinks and then press the pump button. I have a choice between f2,f3,f4,and f5. I am assuming that the number goes with the hours it will cycle. I have it set at f2. I guess my question is should I have it set for a higher number? Also can I program it to filter after peak power usage hours so my bill wont skyrocket? I am not sure if anyone can help me , but if you can thank you. Also what is a good temp to keep it at. We have it set for 100 degrees. I am so new to having a spa and its a little overwhelming.


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    Re: Programming My Spa

    I'd definitely recommend calling the manufacturer to get more details on programming your pump to run on a timer. I looked up the user manual online and the customer hot line listed is 1-877-897-7493

    Also, keeping your heater set at 89/90 degrees will help to keep your costs down a bit, but it's really a matter of how often you use your tub and how long you like to wait to have it heat up before you use it. In this spa, your water's going to heat at 6 degrees per hour with the cover on. Hope it works out for you

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    Re: Programming My Spa

    I had a different spa but with a controller with the same F2-F5 options. I believe when you flip on the circuit breaker it kicks into a filter cycle right away? That sets your start time and it will go every 12 hours from that point. I don't remeber on mine if there was a way to change how often it runs ... I agree with Blake, you should call their customer service.
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