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Thread: Deciding on which SWG for our install

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    Deciding on which SWG for our install

    We bought a house with an existing pool and older equipment. Some parts have failed, some parts are failing, and a major overhaul is needed in general. We can't do it all now, as we have other concerns, but we would like to at least automate the chlorine generation as that has been the biggest hassle. I have a number of competing concerns and could use some experienced advice working through the issues.

    The pool is somewhere between 30 and 40k gallons, with an attached spa. I plan to move the equipment pad and add back in a heater when we do the major overhaul, but in the near term I would like to add a SWG that can work now and in a future update.

    Our mechanical timer is a rusted hunk of junk, so we need a new timer. My initial plan was to connect it to our insteon network with a 240v relay switch controller so it could be timed and accessed with our other electrical units. (ISY 994i) I have read that Jandy and Goldline are the only manufacturers whose equipment can be directly controlled through the serial interface by DIY automation products (NOT Crestron) but they don't make big enough SWGs. Some day I would want to integrate valve actuators and heating control into the automation system as well, but that is a longer term issue.

    Wanting to follow the advice on having an oversized SWG, I am considering only a few of the larger options: Intellichlor IC60, AutoPilot SC60 RC52, Compupool CPSC48, Circupool rj60.

    I currently have a 2hp pentair singlespeed pump, serving both pool and spa, which is probably overkill. It was replaced under warranty in our first summer, and I didn't understand pools enough to accept a smaller pump than the 2hp that had been there previously. When I move the equipment pad I will probably opt for something 2speed or variable. In the mean time I have to be concerned about whether the flow rate is too high for a SWG and whether I would need to plumb a bypass with checkvalve (Or buy the autopilot).

    Quick aside: is there any use for the 2hp pump after I replace it? Can it drive just the spa, or water features or anything else, or would I be better off selling it?

    My current preference is the intellichlor because it is stand alone and simple to manage with my existing stuff.
    The autopilot is interesting because it has the checkvalve included and can be a pump timer, but is the most expensive by over 50%.
    The compupool is interesting because it is cheap, and may be able to serve as a timer.
    The Circupool has a deep discount for a couple more days, so that is also in the running.

    Have I missed anything I should be considering? The discussion threads on these machines, have been helpful, but have not gotten me to a decision. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Re: Deciding on which SWG for our install

    Go with the IC60. You can get it with just a power center or as part of a package that includes an EasyTouch automation system that'll control either 4 or 8 pool functions. The EasyTouch will also make it possible to integrate your valve actuators and heating controls down the road. You can also get a kit so you can operate the EasyTouch from your iPad or iPhone.

    The HP of your current pump shouldn't matter for your salt chlorinator because you can adjust the output percentage of the chlorinator directly, so the flow rate won't matter to chlorine production. You shouldn't have to plumb a bypass with check valve.

    When you do move your equipment pad, go with a variable speed pump over a dual-speed pump. It'll give you more control, so you can adjust the speeds for each of your different pool functions individually rather just having a high or low speed option that a dual-speed pump provides. A variable speed pump lets you run your regular filtration at a lower speed for a longer time, too, so it'll actually save you more money in the long run than a dual-speed pump. You could certainly keep your 2 HP pump around to run your spa or water features, depending on the HP they require, but a variable speed pump would likely do the trick, so you may be better off getting rid of your old pump and putting that money into your remodel.

    Autopilot is a decent option chlorinaor, but doesn't have the direct automation possibilities of the IntelliChlor.

    Don't know much about Circupool.

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    Re: Deciding on which SWG for our install

    FWIW, I have a 2 HP single speed Whisperflow pump and my Aquarite SWCG works perfectly without a bypass or check valve.
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    Re: Deciding on which SWG for our install

    Depending on how you plumb the pool and spa you can use 2 separate pumps to run them. A 2-speed or variable speed would be a better choice though. If future automation is something you're serious about I'd recommend the Intellichlor though any of the units will produce enough chlorine for you.

    If you want to use your Insteon system to control the automation you can select any of the units and use the different modules to automate the valves, swcg, lights, etc.

    We've had a lot of good reviews about the compupool units but they haven't been around long enough to provide any longevity issues, though we haven't heard of many failures to date.
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    Re: Deciding on which SWG for our install

    Thanks for the advice. I am still trying to figure out my options on the Insteon control. It seems it will have to be an amalgamation of many different parts to get IO Power and control to each element. It would be a bit of Frankenstein's monster.

    I was looking at the EasyTouch kits and the stand-alone intellichlor on poolsupplyworld, and it seems it would be a waste of a few hundred dollars to start with just the intellichlor and separate powersupply, as the combination of the separate unit and the easytouch without intellichlor was considerably more expensive than to just start with the full kit. Does a suntouch controller require the external powersupply for the intellichlor?
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    Re: Deciding on which SWG for our install

    For what its worth....I recently decided (this wk) on the Circupool and the deal they are offering. I had looked closely at the intellichlor as well. My deciding factor(s) were cost and specific chlorine output in lbs/day. I think overall most units of almost any brand will serve the job, the intellichlor has a fairly high replacement cell cost as their electronics are built into the cell. The biggest part to fail is probably going to be the transformer over hopefully the heavier units will have larger heat sinks in them.

    On the automation side of things, I have been a DIY automation guy for a long time. Most of my products are x-10 (or high end x-10 based...i.e. Pulsworx). I have my pump controlled by an ELK x-10 240v relay and do all the programing thru our controller. I have manual control and over-ride capability thru keypad buttons in the home (no need to go outside to operate pump). No spa or anything for me though . Just plain ole pool. I do operate my polaris via old fashion switch at its pump.
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    Re: Deciding on which SWG for our install

    I think we've decided to go with an easy touch instead of automating with our ISY-99i and insteon widgets. It would be better for resale and maintenance to just go with a canned solution. Now I just need to find a good deal.
    35k inground Plaster w/ attached spa, 2hp Pentair single speed pump, EasyTouch with Intellichlor, 48 Sqft DE filter, BBB managed

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    Re: Deciding on which SWG for our install

    Are there two versions of the ScreenLogic product with the same product number, 520500?
    35k inground Plaster w/ attached spa, 2hp Pentair single speed pump, EasyTouch with Intellichlor, 48 Sqft DE filter, BBB managed

    Need a heater!

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