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Thread: Stenner Pump Overflow

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    Stenner Pump Overflow


    I had to order a new Stenner acid pump because my old one broke.

    The guy that put it in must've not known what he was doing.

    The pump is not leaking.

    But, the tank is leaking where you pour in water/acid. That is, water is flowing UP out of the tank.

    How and why is this happening?

    Any ideas on how to fix it?

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    Re: Stenner Pump Overflow

    There should not be any water added unless you add it. Acid is heavier than water so a couple inches manually added (not absolutely required though) and keeping the tank covered and in a location that allows good ventilation will help keep any fumes down but the Stenner should be drawing from near the bottom of the tank. Your filter system should not be adding any water!

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    Re: Stenner Pump Overflow

    If he installed the pump backwards, it would be pumping water INTO the acid tank and causing it to overflow.
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    Re: Stenner Pump Overflow

    Water is flowing back to the tank from the pool. Either the inlet/outlet lines are reversed or the roller head is bad.

    The suction line from the tank should be connected to the rear inlet, closest to the wall.

    If it is a bad roller head, they are easy to replace.

    You can use an injection check valve instead of the injection fitting in the future to prevent this if it is a bad roller. They do go bad over time, probably several years in a residential pool and they can make a mess by backfeeding pool water into the drums when they do.
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    Re: Stenner Pump Overflow


    Check valve has got to be it!!

    I looked that up on stenner's website after everyone posted.

    When he replaced the pump, he never replaced the check valve.

    And I can't think of anything that would cause the pool water to run backwards into the tank as fast as this is running (it is constant when the pump is on and literally overflows the tank in seconds) except for that.

    I've ordered one already and I'll let you know in case anyone else ever has this problem.

    And I'll submit my Stenner pump model and details.

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    Re: Stenner Pump Overflow

    Sorry, but the check valve isn't the total solution. If the roller head is bad the pump still won't be able to pump chemical. If the lines are reversed it still won't be able to pump chemicals...although with your further description it certainly sounds like more of a roller head issue to me.

    The check valve is just a second line of defense to prevent backflow when this happens. When the pump roller head is good it acts as it's own check valve because of the three roller design.
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    Re: Stenner Pump Overflow

    We had one of those roller pumps at the camp I used to work at. Ours was transparent, you could easily see which way the roller turned. I suspect the hoses are backwards. Or a roller is missing.
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    Re: Stenner Pump Overflow

    If it's overflowing when the pump is running and not when it's off, it has to be an incorrect installation. However, it's easy to swap the tubing. Just unscrew them and screw them on the opposite fittings. That should solve your problem.

    Since you've already ordered a new pump, keep it for future use or for adding acid in the future.
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