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Thread: Aluminum Coping Removal - Help please?!?

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    Aluminum Coping Removal - Help please?!?

    Hi -
    I puchased a house about 2 years ago - came with a 33' x 16' Roman shaped pool. We've used in now for 2 summers knowing that there were some things that need to be taken care of but have led off for financial reasons (as most do).

    This year we need to replace the liner. I'm not so worried about that; however, the coping that I have is aluminum and has come unbolted from the Fiberglass wall in some places.

    Now the deck and coping have thier own problems as you can see from the picture - there is about a 3-4" gap all the way around the pool (dangerous, I know).

    All this has led me to a "what do I do?" moment. I know the liner needs to be replaced because it has a huge tear in one of the corners (age related). I would like to replace the coping and get rid of the gap WITHOUT ripping the entire deck out and starting fresh. I just dont have that kind of money.

    So - I'm wondering a couple things (and sorry to put it all in one post, but if I can get these things answered, I might be able to make a decision):
    1. How can I remove the aluminum coping? I managed to get a picture of the underside of the coping and can see the bolts. I asume there's a way to remove the 1" track on top of the coping?
    2. Is there a way to replace the aluminum with something else, like a solid pour to fill in just the gap, without breaking out the entire deck? and if so, what is it?
    3. If I replace the liner this year and decide to do the coping next year, and opt for some type of bull-nose solid pour (whatever), would the liner work with it?

    If this has confused you join the club Bottom line is I'm stuck in a situation where I have a gap that breeds mosquito's, an uneven deck, loose aluminum coping, and a torn liner and need to figure out the most cost-effective immediate fix for a DIY'er.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Re: Aluminum Coping Removal - Help please?!?

    Sorry, the deck is too far gone. I know that implies a lot. It is what it is though.

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    Re: Aluminum Coping Removal - Help please?!?

    If the deck has heaved and walked as much as it appears from the pictures then Id have to say it's time for a new deck. The "track" in the top of the coping should pry out once you remove the clips.
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    Re: Aluminum Coping Removal - Help please?!?

    I'd say get the main problem fixed then go from there... Get the new coping and liner installed... Then if you have to wait a year or so and do the decking... I mean, it's been fine for 2 years right?
    Or... What about just filling in the gaps with cement? Then resurface the whole thing to match.... I understand your concern about the amount of money it will cost to get it all ripped out and redone... $$$$$ anyway.... I am in no way a pro... This is just what I'd consider if I were in your situation... It may not work... But hey what you come here for right? Ideas?? Lol... (ps I'm sure my idea will be shot down by a pro...)...
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