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Thread: NEW kreepy krawler only works when system is backflushing.

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    NEW kreepy krawler only works when system is backflushing.

    I just bought a new house with a pool. The old kreepy krawler (I'll call KK) wasn't working because it was missing a few parts, so I went out and bought a new Shark KK. It has brand new everything going straight to the connection port in the skimmer hole. The KK came with a flow testing device for min/max flow, but for some reason the suction wont even hit the min line when connected. The suction feels strong, but i guess it's not enough? I turned on the pump (and made sure all the air was out) and noticed that the KK doesn't move. While goofing around with the sand filter, which was recently changed, I tried to backflush the system. The KK started to work!!! I dont get it? While in backflush mode, it works, but when it's in the normal position it wont. Does anyone have ANY solutions? Besides checking my KK parts? I've done that several times even tho they are new. I also made sure that the drain is closed. Please help!!!

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    Re: NEW kreepy krawler only works when system is backflushin

    Sounds like a volume problem. Turn off the drain and if you have one, the other skimmer. You have too many available suction outlets from the pool. The KK offers a lot of resistance. The other port/ports don't and so they will get used 1st.

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    Re: NEW kreepy krawler only works when system is backflushin

    I have the drain turned off and we only have the one skimmer that the KK connects into. I'm at a complete loss with this one! Do you think it could have something to do with the sand filter (SF)? I'm not exactly sure how it works, but when I have it in backflush mode, is the SF being bypassed all together and going straight from the skimmer, through the filter, directly into the backflush line? Then once I close back flush, that's when it comes in through the filter into the sand filter? I was thinking that maybe there is something wrong with that part. It just doesn't make sense that it works & i have a enough suction when it is backflushing, but once that valve is closed, it losses all it's pressure. The sellers told me it was recently changed, but i have no idea if they were just feeding us a line or if it really was. Any other suggestions?

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    Re: NEW kreepy krawler only works when system is backflushin

    Also, do you think air could be getting it that would cause the reduced suction? My pump seems to lose prime really easy - if I get the SMALLEST amount of air in from the hose side, i have to shut everything down and re-prime it. I also have to reprime everytime i clean the filter. I noticed my neighbor removed his filter, cleaned it, turned his pump back on and it still had it's prime. There's no way I could do that! Maybe that's another problem that's resulting in the one above?

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    Re: NEW kreepy krawler only works when system is backflushin

    If it's getting air it will greatly reduce the suction available to the vacuum. Also if you have restricted eyeballs it will affect the operation of the KK. A combination of the two will certainly affect the proper operation.

    What does your filter pressure run when the vac is hooked and unhooked?
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