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Thread: No flow detected

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    No flow detected

    Hey guys,
    New to this forum, 1st post... Having a problem with our salt water pool. Just recently the goldline aqua logic remote came up with the error no flow detected. When I turn on the filter it doesn't seem to fill up with water like it usually does and after about 30 seconds of the filter running dry it turns off and says no flow detected.

    Oddly, today for the first time, after multiple tries of turning on the filter, it turned on randomly... This doesn't mean the problems fixed however because when turning the filter off I have to go through the cycle of trying multiple attempts to try and get it running again.

    Input much appreciated

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    Re: No flow detected

    Hopefully someone who knows more than I do will come along. In the meantime, have you checked the pump leaf trap for air bubbles and is it clean? What is the filter pressure, ie. does the filter need to be backwashed or cleaned? Are the skimmers clean and is the water level correct?

    I am guessing, but it sounds like you have a suction leak. Look in the clear pump lid, with the pump running and if you see bubbles, there is a leak. If this is the problem try using an o ring lube (like Jack's) and lubricate your cover gasket/oring, plug gaskets (if any) and use teflon tape on any threads.

    It is not unusual for the no flow light to stay on for 15 to 39 seconds on my unit, but it always cycles through it. The one time it didn't, I had lost prime from a poor seal on the pump lid/cover.

    It might also help, if you include your equipment profile pump and filter manufacturer and model.
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    Re: No flow detected

    Welcome to the forum. If you turn on the pump, does the clear lid in the front of the pump fill with water? If not, what happens? (that's the pump strainer basket under the clear lid....prevents debris from entering the pump.)
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    Re: No flow detected

    you have the pro logic on timer mode if its coming on by itself.

    by filter filling up you mean pump basket? if thats the problem sounds like one or two of your suction lines are blocked. if that is the case you will need to have them blown out. repair guy brings a pump like 3hp and blows water back through the lines (in reverse). this should unblock the line and get water flowing.

    Another cause and much easier fix could be just that the filter needs a good clean (acid wash or back wash). Try the backwash first.

    also sounds that you might have a pump with a Safety Vacuum Release System. these pumps shut down if they sense an obstruction in the suction line.

    I'm just guessing here. more info is probably needed.

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    Re: No flow detected

    Mine was doing that on and off for a while and it was the screen that was clogged. On the side opposite the cell there is a screw valve unscrew and wash the screen. Mine was clogged with old plaster and pebbles from when the pool was installed about 9 months ago and recently with pollen sacs.

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