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Thread: Liquid vs. Tablet Erosion

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    Liquid vs. Tablet Erosion

    We have a junior olympic sized commercial pool that sees light to medium use (we are not municipal but rather a private facility). We the pool fill with pretty hard well water (electricity is the only cost for our water) that also has a high PH. We have been using a Polaris C2000 control unit to monitor and dispense liquid sodium hypochlorite and acid.

    During the past two years in particular, we have gone through an unbelievable amount of bleach. Some of this was due to that fact that during the past two years we had major water loss issues (4000+ gallons or about an inch or so each day) and added a lot of untreated water each week. The problem was some faulty skimmer lines. This fall we replaced all 14 skimmers and pressure tested everywhere so my water loss issues moving forward should just be evaporation now.

    Even with the anticipation that we will use less liquid, the 55 gallon containers are a beast and very difficult to get to our pumphouse. We have also struggled to keep the stabilizer levels at the pool correct and thus see a lot of chlorine evaporate during the summer.

    I want to continue using the c2000 but am considering switching from liquid to an erosion feeder with a solenoid switch. Does anyone have thoughts about liquid vs the erosion feeders in a light commercial environment? Should I wait one more summer to see what my liquid use is without the water loss issues? There have also been a number of posts about cal hypo systems. Not understanding water chemistry very well, does anyone have any recommendation regarding tablet erosion vs. cal hypo? It looks to me like my cost for a $250 high capacity tablet feeder and a solenoid are a lot less than the $2000 cal hypo feeders.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Re: Liquid vs. Tablet Erosion

    I'd recommend using the liquid or moving to a swcg.

    If you already have hard water you surely don't want to use cal-hypo as your hardness will get out of control quickly. If you're not replacing a lot of water you don't want trichlor as your CYA will climb to unmanagable levels.

    Liquid or swcg is going to be your best bet.
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