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Thread: Concrete Pool Deck Remodel - Need Advice

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    Concrete Pool Deck Remodel - Need Advice

    Hi all,

    I've posted about this in the past, but I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger and would like some advice from the experts out there. We bought our house back in May in the Seattle, WA area which came with a fantastic IG pool that we love. However, the original exposed aggregate concrete slab deck has heaved in places and the previous owners simply patched it around the coping.

    I'd like to demo the current deck and replace it with pavers, stamped concrete or something along those lines. What would you recommend?

    Also, I'd like to do this DIY if possible. Would it be as simple as demoing the current concrete, laying a new pad and then pavers over that? Any advice, tips, etc you could provide would be much appreciated!
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    Re: Concrete Pool Deck Remodel - Need Advice

    I'd do pavers. I think they are more attractive, can certainly be done by a DIY'er, and are less likely to crack. Putting down pavers properly will require some digging as they need to be set in a sand bed on top of a few inches of gravel. If done properly, they will create an attractive and stable deck. I'd suggest getting a book or two on working with pavers for ideas and methods. I've done them myself at our old house. It was a lot of physical labor, but was not too difficult overall. Stamped concrete might be a little cheaper, but it's not a DIY sort of job. Also, the look of pavers is much more attractive if done properly.
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    Re: Concrete Pool Deck Remodel - Need Advice

    I would go with pavers too. But I am biased... thats what I did!

    I would be cautious in my planning though... It would be very difficult to break out that deck without removing the coping as well. You may want to plan on replacing that as well to match the new pavers. It could be done but alot of care would have to be taken to work from the outside away from pool side of the deck in, and remove the concrete as you go to give the pressure somewhere to go as you break that deck up.
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    Re: Concrete Pool Deck Remodel - Need Advice

    Things to expect:

    The demo will likely take out the bond wire if one was put in. This appears to be an old pool so it may not even have one. It will also take out the rail/ladder cups. All will need replacing.

    I can't tell if there is a light fixture. It gets attached to the bond wire also.

    If Pavers:
    Digging down 12" and adding crushed concrete in two 4" lifts and a 2" lift and compacting them with a plate tamper is the right way. This prevents heaving, rolls and waves from forming. A copper or steel matting will need to be set three foot wide around the pool and it get attached to the bond wire too. Add 2" of sand and compact it to the height of the coping less the paver thickness.

    Set the ladder and rail cups in 12" thick concrete, with at least 9" away from the nearest edge of a ladder cup. Sounds like a lot but it's weight will hold the cups steady. Make sure the new cups fit the rail and ladder grabs. Make sure the anchor bolts are oriented so you can use a ratchet and socket for tightening and loosening. I don't know if you winterize your pool but if you do, you know the rails and ladder grabs come out.

    Set the pavers and use polymetric sand when you sweep sand between them and vibrate compact them like the crusher was under the sand. It stays put after it's been wetted. You won't need to re-sand again for 5 years or more. This locks the pavers in place.

    Buy a 14" concrete saw with a diamond blade. When you're done, sell it on Craigs List. This comes out cheaper than renting.

    If you're going with concrete, be it plain, salted, stamped, or Kool Deck, hire a mason experienced with doing pools.

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