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Thread: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

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    IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    Today I noticed none of the LEDs on my IC20 are lit. They were on about three weeks ago when I last checked it. I am located in Central FLorida and have a 15K gallon in ground pool with standard drains/ built in cleaning system.

    Any ideas of where to start?

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    Is your system "on" pump running? Do you have any automation? Is the breaker to the cell power supply tripped? Could be alot of things. also check the cable between the cell and the power supply.
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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    The pump is running and the breaker to the cell is not tripped. I will acquire the proper fuse this week and install it...but I have a feeling it will pop. I spoke to an authorized Pentair service tech and he indicated that is the fuse blows again it's probably the cell causing it.

    I've searched online and found pricing at approx. $500+. I've also searched on how to crack one of these open and troubleshoot.

    Thanks for your response...

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    I am having this same problem. The power center appears to be fine, fuse is fine, green led in power center is lit. The cell seems to be dead. No lights at all. Not clogged. I appreciate any help.

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    About 2 weeks after posting this, water started leaking from within the IC20...not from either end where the pipe junctions are...from within. I guess the same will eventually happen to yours too, Anywayt I shopped around locally and could not find anything cheapear the $507 (no including tax). I order one on EBAY for $472 with free s&h. It should be here by next week.

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    Sorry to hear that. How old was yours? Mine is 3.5 years old also in C. florida. I read it should last for 5 but the warranty is 3. Guess I'm getting a new one too.

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    Mine is a little over 4 years old. I just got the new one yesterday and installed. Now I need a fuse in the power connect and the pool will back online.

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    The new unit is install and working great.

    I ordered it off EBAY @ $471.95 w/ free s&h from:
    A1 Pool Supply
    PO BOX 230958
    LAS VEGAS, Nevada 89105-0958

    They were the cheapest I could find, at that time...even cheaper than from the guy who built my pool!

    I took apart the old one, thinking I could figure out what went wrong, but the inerds are sealed farily well.

    I hope this information helps you.

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    I am having the same issue as others, no lights on cell but power supply appears to be functioning because green light is on. I replaced the fuse just be sure but that didn't fix the problem. When the cell goes bad do all the lights on the cell stop functioning?

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    Yes they do. In my case, the fuse was blown so I replaced it. As soon as I applied power, the LEDs on the IC20 came one for less than a second and then all of them went out. Hence the fuse was blown, again. When I called a local pool company for some advice they mentioned this sounds like the IC20 rather than the Power Connect.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    Re: IntelliChlor IC20 no LEDs lit

    I am having this problem, and I rent my house. Hopefully my landlords can get it fixed. I am responsible for maintaing the pool, but I shouldn't be responsible if this thing is jacked up on me. Plus I just moved into the house.
    About my pool: 15x32 IG Gunite, 16.2k gallons, SWG, Solaxx PureChlor, Cartridge filter

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