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Thread: Any advice on these numbers?

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    Any advice on these numbers?

    First off pool looks clear and blue. No real problems. But I've noticed some trends with the numbers I want to know if are normal or may indicate anything wrong.

    My numbers taken this afternoon:
    FC - 8
    CC- 1
    CYA - 55
    PH - 7.6
    TA - 100
    CH - 400
    Temp - 80 degrees
    The pool is almost 4 months old with a SWG and Pebbletec finish.

    First off when the pool started my CH was around 270. So it has risen 130 points in nearly 4 months. I understand new plaster raises CH. Would a rise by 130 be normal?

    Second, my CYA tends to disappear at a rate of about 5-10ppm per month or so and we havent really much splash out. Is that a normal reduction? It was at 70ppm at the end of November.

    Third, my CC has been hovering around 1 for about a month or two. But not having much loss of FC. My SWG is on the lowest setting. I even had to turn it off for a day last week because my FC was getting too high. When I add water to the pool, there is also a chlorine smell that doesnt exist any other time.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Any advice on these numbers?

    CYA dropping 5-10 per month is not normal.

    Chlorine smell means CC, not FC. You probably need to bring your pool up to shock level and hold it there until CC drops to or below .5. I would suggest not raising CYA until you have completed this, otherwise you'll use a lot more bleach than you will have to at CYA of 55.

    Where are you getting these measurements? Test strips, your own good test kit like the TFP-100 or T-2006, or from the pool store?
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    Re: Any advice on these numbers?

    K2006 kit.

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