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Thread: New project pool owner

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    New project pool owner


    Brand new to the forum and looking forward to input from everyone here. Last year I purchased a home in SW Oregon with an indoor inground pool that has been out of service since July 2009. Its a gunite / plaster pool around 24000 gal. I know I need a new pump and heat system and have performed all the calcs. for these. I also plan on replacing my sand in the filter since its been sitting so long. I have noticed some cracks in the plaster that are approx. 1/16" wide and run for several feet. Some friend with pools tell me not to worry about them and that I should fill the pool and see if it loses any water before worrying about repairing them. I also want to seal the elect cord/conduit at the rear of the light niche before putting water in it. It was sealed (poorly) by previous owner with a putty (epoxy). I am thinking about using a butyl tape for this application. Are there
    other things I need to be thinking about before filling it up to test for leaks? I have done some limited pressure testing of the plumbing lines and am concerned that the returns may have a leak. The local pool company said its best to test them when full of water and not with air so I stopped for the time being. Thanks for any information or comments in advance. I also have pics of the cracks if they are needed.
    Roseburg, Oregon
    IG indoor 24000 Gal. Plaster/Gunite
    No Pump (on the to buy list)
    No Heater (on the to buy list)
    Sand filter
    Pool has been out of service since 2009

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    Re: New project pool owner

    Pressure is pressure. Go ahead and test it if you have the gear.

    Cracked plaster is not a good thing. Expect to need to replaster.

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    Re: New project pool owner

    You shouldn't need to plug the light niche - it's designed to be flooded. Unless you know that they plugged tit due to a problem upstream of the niche? Like a leak?
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