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Thread: Problem with AquaLink and Jandy Valves

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    Problem with AquaLink and Jandy Valves

    Hi there. New to the forum. Did my best to search for an answer to the following, but with no luck.

    I have an AquaLink system will all Hayward equipment that is about 6 years old.

    I recently noticed that on of my Jandy valves was not working. Upon inspection it became obvious that the casing had become compromised. I opened it up to find it full of water and rusted out. I purchased and installed a new valve which was no big deal. I plugged it in to the control board and tested it for power which it gets. When I switched the filter mode to spa only, my valve on the suction side works like normal but the new valve on the return side (the one that was replaced) did not actuate. I toggled the switch on the actuator and the valve will move when switching from O1 to O2. I tried to re-seat the cable but that had no effect. I was starting to think that I got a bad valve but then decided to switch the control cables on the board. Good news/bad news...the new valve actuated when going to spa mode and the existing one did not. So I confirmed that the new actuator is fine, but obviously the control board on the return side is not working properly.

    So the obvious question is...has anyone dealt with this before and is there anything I can do to fix it? I couldn't find an actual model number on the AquaLink housing, but did find a part number on the controller board itself which is 066008G-1 Rev: G.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance!

    PS: So glad to have found this forum as it appears to be a great resource for troubleshooting.



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    Re: Problem with AquaLink and Jandy Valves

    Allow me to start with the fact that I am not the guy to help you troubleshoot the Aqualink board,
    but I do have 2 helpful tips:

    1) If you need a board, I have worked with this guy in the past, he really knows his stuff and can rebuild the board for you if needed.

    2) You need to replace the O-Rings on your Jandy valves.
    -The water inside the actuator comes from a leaking valve in almost all cases. You have 2 O-Rings on the stem of the jandy valve, that are likely leaking water into the actuator, and will kill your new actuator prematurely. While you are there, I recommend replacing the Jandy valve cover O-ring as well.

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    Re: Problem with AquaLink and Jandy Valves

    If you flip the three position switch to where it turns the valve in the right direction(02?), that should be your orientation. leave it there and switch back to (pool or spa). They should move back the way they should. Not every system uses position 01. It depends on which side of the valve is spa and which side is pool.

    O ring kits are available for those valves that have all three o-rings you need.
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    Re: Problem with AquaLink and Jandy Valves

    Rev G is a 44-pin PCB which is no longer available. In this case, if the board is bad, the board and PPD (or chip) would need to be replaced. There are upgrade kits available which will contain the board and chip and it's all plug-n-play. Should you choose to upgrade, find out if your system is an RS4/6/8 etc. and if it's pool and spa combo or pool/spa only. I recommend waiting until the release of Rev R and the iAquaLink which will be released in time for the upcoming pool season. You may find a better deal upgrading your equipment when upgrade kits for this become available.

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    Re: Problem with AquaLink and Jandy Valves

    I'm having this exact same issue with a similar pair of new JVAs. Were you able to resolve your issue & if so, how? Thank you.
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