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Thread: Jandy LX400 Heater won't light

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    Jandy LX400 Heater won't light

    I'm a new comer to this board and apologize if I'm in the wrong section but I have a problem with my Jandy LX400 and would appreciate any suggestions for expert users and professionals.

    I bought this heater from my neighbor who decided to fill in his pool. Yea believe it or not! So a couple of weeks ago I decided to hook it up to my pool. We did a good job of installing all the plumbing and electrical (110v) and when I first hit the start button it the fan came on cycled without any gas ignition. Wanting to make sure it worked OK before calling the gas company to come and install a new 200 gallon tank, my pool guy suggested to hook it to a small 20# propane tank. So we did all that but we still don't get any ignition or even smell any gas fumes. (I suppose that's a good sign?)

    I called a pool guy and he showed up and ran some diagnostics and said the control board is not send a signal to the igniter for creating a flame. His suggestion starts with a new $500 controller.

    I'm a pretty good electrical guy and have a feeling that if the digital controller board detects low and high pressure and senses water temp and calls for the fan to cycle that it must be working OK I think there must be something else. Could it be in a ignition controller board. That's only a $200 solution? Or could it be something so simple as not having sufficient gas pressure from a 20 pound bottle.

    My guy says for proof of concept that a small bottle will work fine, won't burn for long but enough for us to feel warm and fuzzy abut spending $400+ with the gas company for a new tank.

    Any one got any suggestion and what the problem might be??

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    Re: Jandy LX400 Heater won't light

    Follow your igniter wires back to where they connect to the box and see if you are getting 110v to the connections when the heater tries to fire, or rather, when the igniter is supposed to get voltage. It probably wont get voltage for several seconds after the fan starts, so be patient.
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