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Thread: History of TFP in 1 minute

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    History of TFP in 1 minute

    While I am oblivious to most "milestones", January is a good time to look back at TFP and remember where we started. Here's SeanB's first post and (to my knowledge) the first post on the forum.

    March 27, 2007
    The title of this topic was originally "Welcome to". JasonLion

    Well, the name kind of says it all. The goal here is to allow users to share information, experience and hopefully some expertise in all things having to do with pool and spa care.

    I started this site after being a member at another popular Pool Forum. The site was great, very informative and entertaining. For unknown reasons, the admin went MIA. The board is unsupported and its future is uncertain at best. I really hate the thought of such a great resource disappearing and hope that many of the members will find a new home here and continue to share their wisdom with the rest of us.

    I have no training or professional experience of any kind relating to pool care. I'm simply a pool owner, who likes to learn and talk about pools. I'm also new to forum administration, but I promise to do my best adding to the site and making it as user friendly as possible. Please bare with me as this is definitely going to be a learning experience!

    However, for as long as you members come and join in, I promise to maintain this site and keep it running.


    **EDIT** : When you register, you will be required to verify via e-mail. For a lot of people, this e-mail is filtered by their e-mail client as spam or junk mail. If you do not receive the e-mail, PLEASE check your spam or junk mail folder before contacting us. Thanks.

    Last edited by SeanB on Sat Aug 04, 2007 5:27 am, edited 4 times in total.
    Here's another when Sean was setting up the software and addressing the 2-3 mods at that time...
    Mar 29, 2007
    OK, so now it shows you as special contributor. Let me see how it displays on the index (main) page. You should still see the mod buttons at the bottom left of the page. If so, I think we are good.

    Edit: looks like everything is unchanged except the tag under your name.

    Hey, instead of moderator, would you guys like it to say "mod squad?" Your call.
    Then this one that is pretty long so I linked it for anyone interested.


    So, no real milestone today but simply a good opportunity to remember how we have become the preeminent pool forum on the web and an opportunity to say "Thanks" to all the Mods (past and present) for the positive contributions thay have made and, especially, to the 27,000+ members who have taken the time to register, just lurk, or contribute posts to this forum.

    Some of you may remember some interesting (short) posts from times's a good thread to put them back up. I remember one that I couldn't find but I think it may have been from "The Mermaid Queen" and wen't something like, "Yahoo! We just passed 200 registered members!"
    Dave S.
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    Re: History of TFP in 1 minute

    The best forum I've ever participated in. Admins are kind and helpful, contributors are as well. The information, help and knowledge on this site is incredible.
    Thanks to all the people who work on this site and to all the contributors.
    20' X 54" Sharkline Matrix Resin AGP, 9400 Gallons, Sta-Rite 1 HP Dynamo Pump, 150 lb Pentair Sand Filter, Gorilla Pad,
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    Re: History of TFP in 1 minute

    June 21, 2007

    Another good day for many people!

    Quote Originally Posted by duraleigh
    The Test kit site is up and running for refills and kits. It will need lot's of tweaking but seems to be functioning. Thanks for your patience
    IG 18x36 oval vinyl, Spill over spa, Northstar 2hp-2spd, 2.5" piping, S310T 500lb Sand filter, 400k gas heater, AutoPilot SWCG

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    Re: History of TFP in 1 minute

    Thanks for posting that Dave! Very interesting to see that.

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    Re: History of TFP in 1 minute

    It's an honor and a privilege to be part of such a legacy.

    Chlorine for everyone! Cheers! ^_^
    I laugh—to disguise the tears.
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    Re: History of TFP in 1 minute

    Thanks for the review. I remember the old group and watching this group get started. The mod squad here has saved me a many others heart aches and big $$ as we have learned how to take care of our pools. I love the plain simple chemistry and easy answers we get here. This group gave me the courage to give up the Intex pool for our current 28* above the ground pool. And I have never regretted doing it. DH loves the fact that there is less yard to mow, and I love having an place to cool of and chill during the summer. Thanks everyone...
    5 years 18' Intex Frame pool, July 2009 upgrade, 28ft rnd used Doughboy, 1hs Hayward Power Flow pump, Doughboy DE filter.TF test kit

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    Re: History of TFP in 1 minute

    Over the years I have seen some very good forums get taken over by people with big egos and offensive comments. Because of the great people that moderate this forum, it is by far the best run and most helpful I have ever seen. Thank you very much to Dave, Jason all the Mod Squad. You make this the best forum in the world!
    "Experience is what you get, just after you needed it."

    Owner DIY build, steel/liner kit, 18x36 Deer Creek, sport depth, approx 17,500 gal,
    Aqua Plus SWG, 1 1/2 hp, 2 speed, 300# sand filter and twin Color logic 4.0s, MX-8 Cleaner.
    My DIY Pool Build

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