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Thread: Cover leak

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    Cover leak

    I bought an inexpensive winter cover this year. I lowered the water level 21 inches below deck when I closed the pool. It is now 31 inches below deck. I definitely have a cover leak...think it was when the dog fell in the pool one night when we put him out. Now the cover pump is draining the pool. This is a slow leak, so I think the hole(s) in the cover is small, but I cannot find them.

    I saw one post where someone was considering pumping water off the cover back into the pool. Is this a viable option?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions other than buying a new cover? I will buy a new cover before next year's closing.
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    Re: Cover leak

    If the area's leave have fallen and cleaned up, you could take it off. But given the presence of the dog, I would be more inclined to have gotten the safety cover.

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