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Thread: Wiring an Intermatic T104 for a booster pump

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    Wiring an Intermatic T104 for a booster pump

    I had two old T104's wired together, one timing the pool pump, one timing the Polaris pump. When I say "together", the wiring is such that the Polaris pump won't come on unless the pool pump is running. The one timing the pool pump stripped a gear so I decided to replace them both. I figured the safest way for an amature to do this was turn off all the power, label the ends of the wires as I disconnected them, and put them back together the same way. I thought I did--but maybe not.

    I got the pool pump right. It's working perfect. I got the clock right on the Polaris, but when I turn it on---nothing happens. This is obvious operator error and I am the operator.

    I might can figure this out by myself but it would be a lot easier if somone out there with real expertise in this area could set me on the right track. Basically I need to know how to hook up the Polaris timer. It looks like it has it's own power lines.

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    Re: Wiring an Intermatic T104 for a booster pump

    Are the mechanisms in the same enclosure?

    Assuming you're using 240VAC 60 Hz power (US, Canada, and Mexico).

    The terminal screws are line, load, line, load.

    Line power is the source. Load goes to the pump.

    Typically, I see either two black wires per side or a black and a red wire (preferred) for each side.

    The reason for using a black and red wire is there is 120VAC on each wrt to ground but they are 180 degrees out of phase. While both hit 0 volts at the same time, they peak in opposite directions to each other. When one is at 120V+, the other is at 120V-. The difference between the two is the 240V.

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