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Thread: My vinyl pool is on pavers, what should I put under the pool

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    My vinyl pool is on pavers, what should I put under the pool

    Hi All,

    I have a Bestway above ground pool thats 4m x 2.16m x 76cm(H) pool that I have had for over a year and its sitting on pavers.
    We ended up buying lino and put this under the pool to HOPEFULLY prevent rocks coming through and piercing the pool. Anyway a year later, we now have a few rocks under the pool that have started piercing the pool. Now I am draining the pool to fix the tiny little holes but have decided to put something else under it.
    I have been doing a bit of google searching andi have suggested putting down old carpet and then tarp over it and then put the pool on top.... this sounds like an awesome idea and not too expensive as we are pulling our old carpet up in the next 3 weeks.

    Any suggestions or any experiences from anyone would be greatly appreciated...

    Thank you

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    Re: My vinyl pool is on pavers, what should I put under the

    If your pool is a traditional on/above ground style pool:

    IMHO, the pavers under the pool plus and additional 30cm or so out from the perimeter should be removed. Use a locking system to ensure the remaining pavers don't come loose. The curved ends will need some pavers cut to provide a smooth perimeter for the locking system

    There should be a flat patio stone under each riser for support. Each of these must be level with it's neighboring stones!

    Assemble the lower wall track. Add sand to bring the base level with the track and to provide support for the track. Some people scatter a thin layer of Portland cement and dampen to ensure the sand stays put.

    Just prior to dropping the liner, add some sand to the inside edge to form a small cove.

    As the pool is filling, add decorative rock to the space between the pavers and outer pool perimeter.

    If it's a Frame style pool:

    Use Indoor/Outdoor carpet, assuming the patio's pitch isn't too far from level.

    All On ground pool support systems depend on being level or nearly so. Otherwise, the weight of the water pressing laterally will be too much for it to bear.

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