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Thread: Pool Pressure not going down even after getting new cartrdge

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    Pool Pressure not going down even after getting new cartrdge

    Hi, I just replaced the cartridges on in my pool filter and still the pressure did not go down. The pressure had gone up to about 33-34 psi so I tried to clean the cartridges but they looked in need of replacement so I bought 4 new cartrdiges and put them in. Turned the pump back on and the pressure was still the same around 33-34 psi. Then I cleaned out the filter for the pop-ups and the pressure did fall down to about 24 to 25 but its still much higher than 18 psi which was the pressure when I moved into this house.

    Also, the pressure does seem to fluctuate - it will run at about 24-25 most of the time but then it will suddenly fall to ~20 for 15-20 seconds then go back up to 24-25. Not sure if this is normal because I think it used to be like that even more the cartridge replacement. Just assumed it happens when one set of popups is going down and the other is coming up.

    Only other difference I have noticed is that the pump is making a bit louder rattling noise than normal. Especially as compared to the second pump i have that powers the water features.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ap

    Pool information
    1) The size of your pool in gallons - 16000.
    2) The type filter you have (sand, DE, cartridge) - Cartridge.
    3) in ground, plaster.
    4) Pump - 1.5 hp Whisperflo
    5) Filter - 420 sq ft, GPM Rating 210.

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    Re: Pool Pressure not going down even after getting new cart

    If you've got in-floor returns the fluctuation is normal. As the valve directs water from zone to zone the pressure can change. Does your pressure gauge go all the way down to zero with the pump off?

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    Re: Pool Pressure not going down even after getting new cart

    The rattling could be from an air leak or a minor interruption of water flow into the skimmer. Any bubbles in the pump basket? Check the the water in the skimmer isn't swirling and that the weir moves freely. Also check that your pressure gauge goes to zero when the pump is off.
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