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Thread: Jandy SpaLink button functions scrambled / unprogrammable

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    Jandy SpaLink button functions scrambled / unprogrammable

    My Jandy SpaLink seems confused. I replaced it about a month ago, and everything worked ok for a few weeks. However, the new unit now seems to be doing the same thing the old one did.

    The old one did have a cracked body and had a bit of water in it. I installed the new unit very carefully and bedded it in Silicone, so it should be pristine (but who knows).

    After clearing the system memory (from the OneTouch) in order to wipe out any phantom programs. I then tried to reprogram the SpaLink buttons (first from the OneTouch, and then from the AllButton). Only 5 of the 8 buttons are operating correctly. Here's what they are programmed to do, and what they are actually doing:

    (1) Spa Mode - turns on Air Blower instead
    (2) Spa Heat - seems to duplicate the "Temp Display" button next to the readout
    (3) Jet Pump - turns on Spa Light instead
    (4) Air Blower - works correctly
    (5) Spa Light - works correctly
    (6) Pool Light - works correctly
    (7) Waterfall - works correctly
    (8) Filter Pump - works correctly

    The programming APPEARS to indicate the correct mapping on both the OneTouch and the AllButton, but it is really only correct for a few of the buttons.

    Is there any way to master reset the SpaLink? Or is this a case of having yet another defective SpaLink controller, or maybe a bad Aqualink RS6 MotherBoard?


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    Re: Jandy SpaLink button functions scrambled / unprogrammabl

    If you have water getting in the buttons you may need to reconsider either a new spalink or lowering the water level.

    Customer had 'phantom program' errors with a Pentair iS4 4-button pad. Pentair's warranty/repair tech said that with the button being submerged (about half of the pad) the warranty is voided. We connected a new iS4 unit at the control panel and everything's fine. The old unit, upon inspection, has worn/torn rubber covers on the function buttons.

    Owner taking bids on lowering the spillway 3 inches to keep the remote above water. Old unit lasted eight years. Installing a new unit is about $300.00. Worth it to simply replace as needed or correct the problerm with the water level? Most people will replace unit and pass on the masonry work.

    I do a couple replacements every year. Most typically have been used a lot and are partly submerged. Builders generally miss on this (water level) detail.

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