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Thread: Help on how to find possible leak?

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    Help on how to find possible leak?

    Lately I've noticed that my pump will be running then every 3 minutes or so for about 10-15 seconds at a time my pump will be start getting a little louder and sounds like it's kind of "overworking" itsself. The flow at my skimmer basket stays consistent from what I can see but the return lines in my pools I noticed a steady stream of tiny air bubbles coming out. Any advice what to do?

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    Re: Help on how to find possible leak?

    Is the pump strainer pot full of water?
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    Re: Help on how to find possible leak?

    From your description, the pool water level could be low or the skimmers jammed (with leaves?) causing the skimmers to suck air. Have you watched the skimmers during the change in the pump noise. Of course, like zea3 says, your pump basket strainer will show the air bubbles coming into the pump from the skimmer if that's the case.
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    Re: Help on how to find possible leak?

    My pumps did this too, and sure enough... skimmer full of cypress needles.... oy!

    Now I take the air bubbles at the returns as a "time to check the skimmer" indicator.
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    Re: Help on how to find possible leak?

    The pump strainer basket is nice and clear of anything, and my water levels are where they should be.. where I've always kept them anyways. However today I put in my pool cleaner that runs along the bottom, turned on the system and it was running around just fine so I shut down the system so it would just run at its normal scheduled time. When I came home later this evening I went and looked and my pool cleaner is just sitting at the bottom not moving but my system is up and running making noise. There were still air bubbles coming out of the return lines and when I looked in the pump strainer basket, it was not full of water at all. I shut down the system and water then filled the pump basket. What could this be from? While the pump is running the pump basket is supposed to be full right?

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    Re: Help on how to find possible leak?

    Yes the pump basket ought be full of water with NO air bubbles in it. Any air indicates a leak in the suction line(s). A stuck skimmer weir, too low water level, an obstruction in a pipe, a loose fitting/ union or a break in one of the pipes could cause this.

    Because the pump reprimes after a little while, I doubt it's a broken pipe.

    I'd try the skimmer weirs first or low pool water (the water should be ~ 1/2 way up the skimmer).

    You can take a look at the leak detection article from Pool School here.

    Please keep us informed as to your progress with finding the leak - we'll then be better able to help you narrow down and fix the problem.

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