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Thread: Is the main drain always contected to pump?

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    Is the main drain always contected to pump?

    A silly question to ask maybe, but I am a new pool owner, cannot find a sure answer from google.

    I blowed all returns using shop vac, but did not see bubbles from main drop. I am trying to blow out the main drain again, should I repeat to other returns too?

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    Re: Is the main drain always contected to pump?

    Welcome to TFP! I don't really know the answer to that one, but someone will be along soon to give you the answer. Feel free to look around in the meantime as you may find the answer in of of the threads here by doing some searches.

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    Re: Is the main drain always contected to pump?

    Just a suggestion, but the main drain might have been plugged before you moved in. Is the water too cold to dive down and take a look? Your main drain could also be plumbed through a skimmer. Look inside your skimmer(s), do you see one open port with another one plugged, or 2 open ports?
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    Re: Is the main drain always contected to pump?

    The main drain is not always tied directly to the pump. A lot of times it's tied into the bottom of a skimmer and therefore is tied indirectly into the pump.

    Also, most shop vacs won't produce enough pressure to blow a main drain. They produce a lot of flow but not much pressure at all. You need about 5 psi to overcome the head of the water in most main drains.
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    Re: Is the main drain always contected to pump?

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Any chance you have a collection (or balance) tank separating the drains from the pump?
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