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Thread: Replacement Pump

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    Replacement Pump

    I recently bought a house with a pool. I'm not very experienced with pools and have never lived in a house with one. My pump is in pretty bad shape, it sounds like a bearing is bad and the pump doesn't provide nearly as much suction as it should; I have to completely close the pool drain to get enough suction to run my Barracuda. A friend recently bought a new pump (for efficiency and a quieter pump) and gave me the old pump which works just fine. It is a 1.5 HP Jacuzzi pump, but I'm worried that it will be too much power for my pool, I estimate my pool's size to be somewhere between 13,000-15,000 gallons. The pump I have is so weather-worn that I can read its plate to tell what it is or what size, manufacturer, etc. it is. My guess is it is somewhere between 1/2 to 1 HP.

    My question is, would it be a bad idea to install this free pump that works perfectly fine? I don't want to damage any pipes, burn up the pump, or ruin filters. If it is too much pump for my pool, are there any modifications I can make to my current setup that would make the pump work? My apologies for being inexperienced, so if I need to post more information please let me know what information would be helpful. Thank you for your help in advance!

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    Re: Replacement Pump

    While a bit over sized, it should be fine. If it's a Magnum model, they were built to last. If it has 2" ports, you may need a couple reducer bushing and some height adjustments but other than that, it should be pretty straight forward.

    It's not unusual to need to close other suction sources to get a Barracuda or Kreepy Krawly to go. I doubt you will need to do that fully once the Jacuzzi branded pump is in place.

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    Re: Replacement Pump

    So aside from a few installation adjustments, my only issue with an over sized pump is the fact that I'll be using more power?

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    Re: Replacement Pump

    Quote Originally Posted by frostys582
    So aside from a few installation adjustments, my only issue with an over sized pump is the fact that I'll be using more power?
    What is the rated flow rate of your filter? You don't want to exceed that.

    A full rated 1.5 hp pump will produce 100gpm pretty easily.
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    Re: Replacement Pump

    Thanks, I'll need to look at that. I have a cartridge filter, I think its 50SF and probably not big enough. Where do I look for the flow rate information? Or what size cartridge filter would I need for 100 gpm?

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