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Thread: Leaving Spa Unattended for Long Periods

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    Leaving Spa Unattended for Long Periods

    Hello- I've been searching around for answers but have yet to find the info I'm looking for. I currently have a newer Jacuzzi tub and use di-chlor granules and MPS shock to maintain the tub. We are moving and due to market conditions are not selling our home, we plan to return to the home on occasion, and perhaps even monthly. I'm trying to find a reasonable way to keep the hot tub filled and more or less ready for our use without being available for weekly water adjustments. My current plan is to leave the heater and pump on but turn down the temperature to 80F and turn it up when we return. I do not have an ozonator on the tub. Some options I've considered is just putting in some di-chlor to a level of 10-15 PPM, with the temp down, no use of the tub and cover on I'm hoping that may get me thru a few weeks. Another thought was to use tri-chlor floater in the tub as the temp would be at 80F and then just use di-chlor when we turn the tub back up and we are visiting. Perhaps switching to a bromine floater would be a better option, or a SWG (would void our warranty). Any other ideas? Can I just come back and shock the tub with di-chlor and use it then and not worry too much about the water chemistry in the meantime? I figure there must be folks with vacation homes or who rent there homes and have similar situations, it also doesn't seem that different from folks who close/open pools as my temp will be turned down while we are away. I would rather not drain/winterize the tub- as we would like to use it when we have our return visits. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Re: Leaving Spa Unattended for Long Periods

    Hire a service or winterize it.

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    Re: Leaving Spa Unattended for Long Periods

    There is really no great solution to your problem. DO NOT use tri chlor as it is brutal on the hot tub chemisry and equipment. Di-chlor brought to shock level will only last for a week at the most. Bromine might be your best bet but no floater will last a month. Be sure all aeration is turned off and add borates as you want to minimize PH rise.

    Do you have anybody that can come by 2 to 3 times a month to check on the tub? If not you will be returning to a green tub with out of ballance chemistry. You risk damaging and shorting the life of some of the componets as I see it.

    As mentioned winterizing it might be the best option if you cant find somebody to check on it every 10 days or so with bromine.
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    Re: Leaving Spa Unattended for Long Periods

    No one to check it that often, were out a ways and that makes it difficult for a service to do it as well. Maybe a SWCG is the way to go- or we may just have to winterize and shut it down which I'm trying not to do. Thanks for the ideas.

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