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Thread: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

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    A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    My wife and I are considering putting in a pool. If we go with an above ground we can do it this spring. If we go with an inground (the wife's choice) we'll have to wait a bit longer (to save up more dough).

    Here are my two questions.

    1. In the long run, which is going to last longer?
    2. Can you recommend a company or two for putting in above ground pools nashville area?

    Of course, you know I'm hoping you guys will say the above ground is the way to go, but don't tell the mrs!

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    Re: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    If your in the position to buy a house with a pool, I think that may be a way to go. You never recoup the investment of an IGP. It's all about a matter of preference when it comes to comparing an AGP (above ground pool) or an IGP (in-ground pool). What's your swim season like? How much usage do you plan on having? What does your budget allow? What type of landscaping do you have or are planning to do?

    Your two questions.
    1. In the long run a hole in the back yard will last longer than aluminum poles above ground.
    2. Sorry can't help.

    I wanted an AGP. Wife ended up with a bigger house and an IGP. Couldn't be happier.
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    Re: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    A year ago we were looking at above ground pools. The cost of the pool plus install plus decking cae to about half the cost of an inground gunite pool.
    The above ground pool will either slightly drop propery value or keep it the same if very well done
    An inground will raise property value, by about half of what you spend on the pool.
    Inground will last longer.
    Inground is prettier (IMO)

    I believe that the best pool bang for the buck is with an inground without all the bells and whistles.
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    Re: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    Thanks guys. Maybe she'll go for looking for a house with an existing inground. Seems like the best route to take, huh?

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    Re: Re: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ccraiggnelson
    Thanks guys. Maybe she'll go for looking for a house with an existing inground. Seems like the best route to take, huh?
    That's what we did last year. Found a nice house with an inground gunite pool for around the same price as similar houses in the area with no pool.

    Couldn't be happier, though it did take almost a year to find the house, and it was a FSBO that we stumbled upon!
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    Re: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    My first thought when I saw the title of the post was "Car Talk".

    We found a place with an inground. Looked around for a long time, while living in a pretty sketchy rental, found the right place.
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    Re: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    Buying a house with a IGP in place already is how we managed to get a pool without dropping $40K. I highly recommend that route.

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    Re: A Little Help to Save My Marriage!!!

    From a purely monetary perspective, buying a house with a pool is the best way to go. With this economy, the pool will have little to no impact on the price of the house. I'm told even in a good economy, they have very little positive impact on the price of a house.

    If you have very distinct ideas of what you want from a pool or you have alot of requirements in addition to has pool (must be xyz schools, so many beds/baths extra features), you might have trouble finding the "right" house. Which might make building more appropriate.

    I did the same as several others. I bought a house with a pool. I'm glad I did. Reading this site and owning the pool, I've learned alot. Not only about pools and maintaining them, but about me and my family. Things we love, hate, could care less about and things we'd wished we did different. I feel like with what we've learned we'd make a more informed decision if we had to move. (like, we'd want a pool again. Also, an attached spa would be nice) Also, I think we have a better feeling of what to ask for and what we want if we ever had a pool built.
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