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Thread: Need advise with closing pool.

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    Need advise with closing pool.

    Back in September there was a 5.4 earthquake 40 miles away. Couple of days later we had a couple of big storms that dumped 10 inches of water in less then 24 hours. I pumped the water out to normal levels and then shut the pump for 5 days. When I came back, the water was below the skimmer.

    Problem # 1 started to pressure test the lines, and was unable to keep presure from the skimmer to the pump.

    Problem # 2 plugged the pipes and water in the skimmer whent down.

    Problem # 3 when I lowered the water I noticed 3 coopper stains on the steps on my 18 month pebble tech pool.

    For the last 2 months I have kept the PH and CL within range. I have been using my aquabot to circulate the water. This weekend I am planning to put the looplock cover.

    My questions are: Should I add sequestring agent to the water? What should I do for the 3 cooper stains on the steps (some of the stain is bellow water and some above)? Since the pump is not running, Should I add anthing else? What should I use on the skimmer to seal it? Without digging out the pipes, How to find the leak?

    Any commdents would be appreciated.

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    Re: Need advise with closing pool.

    If the skimmer was plugged and the water went down in the skimmer body, the skimmer body likely has a crack. Refill the skimmer and either buy a dye syringe or gently use some food coloring near any likely looking points.

    Trichlor puck on the copper stains. Add the sequesterant. Test for copper. Post full chems.

    A $10 stethoscope taped to a styrofoam or paper cup taped to a 4' piece of 2" pipe. Plug the skimmer with a winter plug that has a air valve on it. Close the skimmer at the pad. Pressurize the line with a compressor to about 10 PSI and listen with the scope to home in on the hissing air. Dig.

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