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Thread: Closing Myself unlesss I'm Way Off Base!

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    Closing Myself unlesss I'm Way Off Base!

    I have decided to try closing the pool without the help of pool guy. I opened this year with no problems at all and installed liquidator. I watched pool guy do it last 2 years and believe I have have the basics down. Here are the steps I'm looking to follow unless someone can tell me I need to follow another path.
    1. drain pool below returns and skimmer. When I get to skimmer level and start drawing air I will shut valve off to skimmer. If this doesnt work I will hook vaccuum hose to skimmer inlet and let it pull water from pool until I reach a level approx 1-1.5 inches below returns. This is the level I've used last 2 years and drain during the winter as needed. Unhook liquidator for cleaning and storage. Throw the 2 breakers to pump.
    Drain pump ,unhook pipe connections at pump,in line chlorinator (not sure on chlorinator, I dont believe unhooking will give me access with the shop vac but I can pull from return),sand filter. Remove drain plug from sand filter.
    2. Pull water from all returns. My pipes have flaps that close if water runs back toward pool as my pump is higher than my returns. I will use shop vac and suck water from each return and skimmer then install plugs. Suck water from the pipes nearest the pump due to flaps in lines. Place gizmo in skimmer return. Loosely re-connect pipes to pump.
    3. Strech cover over pool. Water has been brought to shock level and temperature is 58-60 degrees.
    I have added no anti-freeze since I'm in the South (Tn.) and except for the pipes starting just from the pump to ground (1-2 foot max) my pipes are pretty deep underground and have been fine the last 2 winters.

    Does this sound like the proper procedures?? Any tips/advise would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Re: Closing Myself unlesss I'm Way Off Base!

    You will want to use the vacuum head resting on the bottom of the pool to draw water before the level gets low in the skimmer. If you don't catch it before you start sucking air you may loose prime and have a hard time getting the pump going again. Otherwise all sounds fine!
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    Re: Closing Myself unlesss I'm Way Off Base!

    You probably saw this TFP classic? Full of good info

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    Re: Closing Myself unlesss I'm Way Off Base!

    Re-reading the classic posts now. Drained some water as we have had rain all day. Unhooked the liquidator,cleaned and stored it for the winter. Will "officially" close tomorrow. Thanks for info!!!
    21000 Gallons I/G,,Vinyl,, 1.5 H.P. Hayward Pump,, Hayward Sand Filter S244T.. Liquidator.

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