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Thread: Heat Pump Cover - Summit 8TA

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    Heat Pump Cover - Summit 8TA

    Has anyone been able to find a winter cover for their heat pump? Looking for one to protect my Summit 8TA. Google is not showing anything other than "one size fits all", which will not work for this big boy.

    Any help appreciated!



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    Re: Heat Pump Cover - Summit 8TA

    First, you should ask the manufacturer if they have a cover designed specifically for that heat pump. For example, Trane has this cover that is made for their unit. The Trane pdf shows the dimensions for their covers, and one might work for you.

    If the manufacturer does not have a cover made for their unit, then you should ask what design specifications are required to make sure the unit is protected without creating a harmful environment due to trapped air etc.

    Your local HVAC companies might carry a suitable cover.

    If you can't find a suitable cover, you might be able to have one custom made. There are many local people who will make custom covers to specifications.

    First, you must turn the breaker off. The unit must be drained of all its water. You will need to disconnect the IN and OUT water connections. Then the unit must be tilted or blown out with air until all water is out.

    The next step is to reconnect your IN and OUT water connections that will have previously been drained.

    It is recommended to cover the heat pump to prevent snow from getting inside. A protective winter cover is also offered by your retailer.
    The above reference from the Summit manual indicates that a cover is available.

    Here is a company that makes covers for heat pumps. (Not a recommendation, just an example).

    Inner Flow makes covers for various manufacturers. They probably have a cover that will work.

    Note: Be sure that the unit does not run while covered. Turn off all power to the unit and tag the power switch with a reminder to uncover the unit before operating.

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    Re: Heat Pump Cover - Summit 8TA

    Continued to dig with Google and found this:

    SMX300055113 - Hayward SMX300055113 Winter Cover Replacement for Hayward Summit Heat Pool Pump. This winter cover is designed to use with Hayward Summit Heat pool pumps.

    Replacement? Plus they are all different heights but yet only one part number for the Hayward "cover"?

    I will order from Amazon since it is PRIME shipping and will advise in case others are looking.

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    Re: Heat Pump Cover - Summit 8TA

    Just received from Amazon. Hayward SMX30055113. It is in fact a one size fits all Summit heat pumps. As you can see it is a bit short on my Summit 8TA, but will do the job. $44 shipped from Amazon.

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    Re: Heat Pump Cover - Summit 8TA

    I think that it is designed like that to allow for some air circulation to prevent condensation from building up and causing corrosion.

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