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Thread: Question on normal operation of heat pump

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    Question on normal operation of heat pump

    I recently installed a Gulf Stream GS-1000 Heat Pump on my 27 foot round pool. It seems to be everything that I hoped it would be and more. Very pleased with it. I was under the impression that the heat pump would cut off at outside air temperatures of just below 50 deg F. with some variability according to humidity I suppose. Not sure what causes the variability. Anyway the unit seems to remain in the on state while the temps are in the mid 40's to even the low 40's. I would have expected it to no come on till the outside temps reached at least 48 or so. Anyone think I should have concerns over this. Im thinking that maybe some switch sensor is not operating properly. I suppose that would also mean that the units self diagnostics are not working properly also since it is not giving me an error message either. Any insights into what I should expect in regards to this functionality would be greatly appreciated.

    27 foot round above ground

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    Re: Question on normal operation of heat pump

    You probably aren't making much heat with low temps and humidity. Are you able to check the temperature of the water coming out of the h.p.?
    18k gal inground, everbrite finish, 505 sq ft; 1.5 hp two speed whisperflow; rheem 5100ti 100k btu heat pump; 3 sheer descent falls; DE filter; swg (cell out and using trichlor for now)

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    Re: Question on normal operation of heat pump

    I figure you are right on the not making much heat at those low temperatures although I have not actually measured the heat of the water at the return on those cold mornings when I surprisingly found the unit was running. I was under the impression that the unit would actually turn off at temps as low as those and just not operate till the unit saw outside temps rise above that cutoff point. I currently have the unit set to 87 deg. F and the temp was up to 84 yesterday. Thats up from a water temp of 60 when I turned the unit on. Anyway I'm trying to determine if the unit is malfunctioning to be even coming on at such low temps.
    27 foot round above ground

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    Re: Question on normal operation of heat pump

    The heater is designed to enter the defrost cycle at ambient air temperatures below 48° Fahrenheit. During this cycle, the unit may shut down and the control will display “Defrosting” until the ambient air temperature rises above frosting conditions.

    Control Displays "DEFROSTING"
    Ambient air is too low for heater to function.
    Unit will turn back on once ambient air rises to appropriate level. ... am-iom.pdf
    Automatic Low Temperature Defrost
    Comes standard with a low temperature air defrost feature which will shut the unit off when the ambient temperature reaches below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. A reverse-cycle defrost can also be utilized for an additional cost. ... cts_id=120

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    Re: Question on normal operation of heat pump

    Thanks JamesW for the info. I guess I may have some kind of issue since my unit is not shuting down at temperatures lower than quoted in your post. Do you know what is required to check and replace the defective part which is not initiating the defrost cycle? Thanks for your help.

    27 foot round above ground

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    Re: Question on normal operation of heat pump

    I don't know about that particular heat pump. Since it's a brand new heat pump, it's probably best to ask the manufacturer to make sure that there is a problem, and to avoid doing unnecessary work.

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    Re: Question on normal operation of heat pump

    Thank you JamesW. I do have an inquiry in to the manufacturer about this. I was reading about the defrost cycle in the AquaCal units that said that the fan continues to run when the unit enters the defrost cycle and the compressor shuts down. Maybe the fan on my unit is the only thing running when I am thinking the unit should be off. The unit is self diagnosing but is not displaying any error message.
    27 foot round above ground

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