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Thread: Pool Plumbing

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    Pool Plumbing

    Hello all

    I'm having a new IG pool dug today and been doing some reading in this forum regarding plumbing and the pipe sizes. My pool is a 16x30, 3.6 to 5.6 depth, 85pf of pool and 22pf of spa. The plumbing run from equip. Pad to spa is about 17ft straight shot. Current plan calls for 2inch pipe, 3 "jets" in the pool, one skimmer.

    I am using 1 Intelliflo VS for circulation and filter, 1 2hp whisperflo for 6 spa jets, 1 superflo for 2 sheer descents and bubbler, 1blower for spa, 400btu, 60DE. SWG.

    Should I at least have 2 1/2 in. Pipe through out, 2 skimmers, more jets in spa, more returns? Is plumbing tapered down at the jets and returns? Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Pool Plumbing

    I'm still somewhat new to this subject myself, but I've learned that the pipe size not only impacts the max flow rates of your plumbing but the overall efficiency too. Using larger pipes, avoiding sharp turns, thinking through the overall design of the plumbing all may have a significant impact on the long term running cost of the pool. Our builder has put 3" piping for most connections from the pool to our equipment and at least 2.5" for most returns and up to the solar. There are only a few spots that we have 2" pipes. Of course, if your overall flow rate is going to be small, the pipe size might not be a big deal but I'd tend to be absolutely sure that you aren't sacrificing too much in efficiency by going with smaller pipes everywhere.
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    Re: Pool Plumbing

    The spa will get the most benefit from larger pipes, at least 2 1/2" possibly 3".

    In other places, it makes a difference how many pipes there are running from the equipment pad to the pool. Several parallel 2" runs (for example one to each skimmer) eliminate the need to go to a larger pipe size. Parallel runs give you more control over the pool, for example you can direct all the suction to one skimmer or the other, which is handy sometimes.

    It is very common for the plumbing to taper down right before the connection to the jets and some other fittings. As long as the length of the taper down is fairly short it doesn't make much difference. You don't want long runs of smaller pipe.
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    Re: Pool Plumbing

    Thanks gentlemen for the advice. I will insist on 3" pipe For the spa and from equipment to pool, 2 1/2 on returns. Would increasing the size of the pipes and adding a second skimmer significantly add to the price of the pool, or are we just talking a couple hundred dollars?

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    Re: Pool Plumbing

    I'm doing the plumbing today an it cost me $500 to go to 2.5 inch pvc. Steve
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