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Thread: Fastest way to add metals to your water....

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    Fastest way to add metals to your water....

    This only happened because it's the end of the season where I live and I have not been checking the pool daily as I do during the summer.

    1. Leave a bag of steel wool outside near the pool (I was using it for rodent control in my pumphouse (blocking entry points).
    2. Have a couple of windy days and have the bag with steel wool blown into pool where it sits in the deep end for two days (at least the wool stayed in the plastic bag)
    3. Discover this and fish the bag out, but, like an idiot. leave the bag sitting on the deck, where it gets blown into the shallow end on the third windy day and sits on my white fiberglass stairs for a day.
    4. Bang head against wall when finding it floating in pool again
    5. Start another ascorbic acid treatment (just finished one in early September and everything (stairs, jets lights) were so nice and white) because the white fiberglass stairs are now completely light orange coloured, and where some fibers of metal settled on the stair are actually deeply stained like little metal fibres or hairs.

    So anyway, the orange tint to the stairs disappeared quickly - the little metal fibre stains did not. I ended up shutting jets to stairs off and dumping Vitamin C tablets from the drug store right on top of the stains. After sitting overnight, they were finally gone.

    Any suggestions as to my next steps. I've added sequestrant and will be closing the pool this week. I'll have to drain some of the pool to blow the lines, and this will fill up with fresh water over the winter (safety cover). Should I take any additional steps due to the amount of metal now in the water, or will the sequestrant and the addition of rain/snow melt water dilute the amount of metal sufficiently?
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    Re: Fastest way to add metals to your water....

    I'm thinking that it will probably alright. If you are not confident, drain out some water & refill to dilute metal content. Good luck.

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