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Thread: Automatic pool cover

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    Automatic pool cover

    I'm having a problem closing my automatic pool cover it opens and closes only 2 feet. I've had problems with the cover ever since it was installed. I didn't know the company that installed it didn't have any experience in this type of installation. They will not service my cover. Budds pool gave me a phone number of a company that fixes them. but the cost is extremely high for them to come and fix it. I would like to try and do it myself any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Automatic pool cover

    This kind of thing can be tricky to debug. My first guess is that the runners are binding on the track for some reason.
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    Heat Pump Install Questions

    Hi I'm new to this site and I'm wondering if I'm posting my questions in the right place. My first question was about swg and you were the only one to reply which I really appreciated and manage to fix it myself with your help. My second question , I posted under the everything else about the automatic pool cover. No one responds and I see other postings after me with lots of replies. Hope you can help me again because I think your the only one reading my post. Thanks again.

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    Re: Automatic pool cover

    Does the cover automatically stop at both ends?
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    Re: Automatic pool cover

    I guess with a multimeter you could check whether the motor is stalling when it fails to open/ close: check current, if it spikes then the motor is stalling.
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    Automatic pool cover.

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    Re: Heat Pump Install Questions

    Sal -- you have two things going against you.

    1) It's the slow time of year for pool stuff so not a lot of people online &
    2) there are not a lot of people with auto cover experience so it takes a while for your post to get seen by someone with experience.

    Someone will be along to help. It may just take a while for someone to see the topic.
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    Automatic pool cover

    Check and see if the leading edge bar is binding up in the tracks that run the length of the pool. Also before you torque the cover to much make sure your ropes are not hung up on any brackets in the cover box.

    If you still need help give me a call I'm no pro but have had alot of trouble with these covers and done alot of research. 870.307.3554

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    Automatic pool cover

    Thanks I'll give it a try. It stays 100 percent open and can open and close 2 feet every time.leaving 28 feet open. I will try tomorrow.I wish I could manually close it so I can winterize the pool.

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    Automatic pool cover

    There is a key on my wall inside my house. It use to be a key pad with a 4 digit number you would have to press. That would always give me problems like opening 50 percent shutting off and retyping the 4 digit code. So I had an open close key installed. The key stays at 12 o'clock. To open I hold the key and turn to 10 o'clock I have to keep holding the key till it fully opens then I let go. The motor still runs if I keep holding the key in that position. Same to close. I found out after paying 13 thousand that I was the companies 3rd installation. They were very inexperienced. Countless problems.

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    Re: Automatic pool cover

    It looks like you have some low voltage wires that I think might go to magnetic sensors that detect when the cover is fully open and fully closed. The sensors and switch should go to a control box. It could be a bad circuit board in the control box. The motor might also have an automatic shutoff based on motor current or other torque related measurement. The motor might have a clutch that limits the torque to protect the ropes from breaking if the cover binds. The clutch might need to be adjusted. If the motor continues to run with no cover movement, then the clutch is likely disengaging the motor (the same thing as in a cordless drill).

    The nylon bearings, pulleys and gliders might be binding. If the tracking if off by even a little bit the gliders will bind. If the track is oxidized then the gliders will bind. Based on how oxidized the reels are, I'm guessing the tracks are also oxidized.

    If it has never worked correctly, then it was likely not installed exactly right. I think that the cover is due for a full overhaul.

    What manufacturer made the cover system?

    What is the model?

    When was the system installed?
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