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Thread: LED light or Regular light?

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    LED light or Regular light?

    We are signing our pool contract tomorrow and trying to make final decision on our lighting. Right now the way the design/contract the pool will have one regular light in the end of the pool. The pool is going to be a 17x32 freeform. Trying to decide if we want to do an LED light or not...would 1 LED be enough or would we need 2? Then what is the typical cost of the lights? Any opinions woudl be appreciated
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    Re: LED light or Regular light?

    LEDs give you colors and light shows.
    Regular lights give you one color.

    LEDs use about 75 watts.
    Regular lights use 300 to 500 watts.

    LEDs never need bulb changes. They have very long MTBFs.
    Regular lights need bulbs and gaskets and some know how. Bulbs can go at any time. Being 300 to 500 watts, they get hot in the fixture even though the glass lens and metal shell is cooled by the pool water. Heat kills components.

    LEDs, when using colors, don't put out as many lumens, the common measure of how much light is emitted.
    Regular lights, while brighter, often are glaring to swimmers and people around the pool at night.

    I would suggest, if you can afford it, two LEDs. This will provide an even glow. They aren't cheap but doing it right the 1st time vs. the Coulda Woulda, Shoulda feeling later is there as long as you own the home.

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    Re: LED light or Regular light?

    Don't forget you could always upgrade down the road if money is an issue. Replacing a light is pretty easy.
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    Re: LED light or Regular light?

    I had thought about the upgrading down the road, but thought with LED I may need 2 lights and I dont think it would be possible to add a light on the other end of the pool. Will talk with builder in the morning and weigh our options. Trying not to spend any more money, but don't want to wish we would have done something and not be able to down the road.
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    Re: LED light or Regular light?

    If you do go with multiple lights, I recommend putting them on separate switches so that you can control them individually.
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    Re: LED light or Regular light?

    I have also noticed that using the yellow LED color greatly reduces the number of bugs that land on the water trying to follow the light. If we're not in the pool, however, I prefer the blue color.
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    LED light or Regular light?

    Get the regular 110v then upgrade the bulb for $150. Find it on eBay.

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    Re: LED light or Regular light?


    Adding to PoolGuy's comments: We recently completed our pool and struggled with one or two LED's. We went with one LED and now regret the decision. $500 was the reason we went with one and not two and that would have been $$$ well spent if we had chosen the second light. If the pool was relatively straight the one LED would "probably" have been efficient. But we have a slight "dog-leg" going to the tanning ledge and this area has somewhat of a shadow on it which is where the steps are located.

    If possible, go with two LED's, switched seperately and you will not regret it.

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