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Thread: Pentair MiniMax NT heater trouble

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    Pentair MiniMax NT heater trouble

    My Pentair MiniMax NT heater won't ignite. The green "pressure switch" is NOT lite, only the "power" led is green. The DDTC display reads "OFF" even when the pool is running.(it usually display the pool temperature). Water pressure appears normal. Gas pressure is within tolerance. What would cause the DDTC to NOT read the pool temperature? Could I have a bad water pressure switch?

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    Re: Pentair MiniMax NT heater trouble

    Is the control panel set to "Pool" or "Spa"?

    What is the water temperature?

    What is the set temperature? ... DTC-IG.pdf

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    Re: Pentair MiniMax NT heater trouble

    The pressure switch is easy enough to check if you have a multimeter. Set it to read Ohms. When the pump is off, it should read open. When the pump is on, it should read either 0 or 1 Ohm.

    I think though that the more likely cause is a dead DDTC.

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    Re: Pentair MiniMax NT heater trouble

    The display can read "Off" if the thermostat is set to below 65 F, or if the heater is set to Off. You can check the set point by pressing any temperature set arrow. The heater should be set to Pool or Spa and the temperature should be set to a temperature above the water temperature. If the pressure switch is not lit, then it is likely due to low water flow. Low water flow can be caused by a dirty filter.

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