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Thread: one pool jets sucks water

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    one pool jets sucks water

    I am little bit confused. My IG pool has 5 return jets 4 blow out water but one sucks in water when I turn the valve to the main drain or partially to MD from the dual Skimmers.
    If I fully turn the valve to MD then it almost sucks my hand in, luckily the hole is small and it just sucked the palm of my hand into it. When this occurred the pool pump started to loose prime momentarily. I'm assuming the MD at the bottom of the deep end is plugged? I'm unsure of the history since the pool came with the house.

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    Re: one pool jets sucks water

    It sounds like the main drain is not drawing water, that one of the returns is plumbed to the main drain line instead. I suppose it is also possible that the main drain line goes both to the main drain and to one of the returns, though that seems much less likely. Either way, that is unusual, and far from ideal.

    Unfortunately, it is likely to be tricky to fix. Tracing the various plumbing lines usually required digging them up, which is a major project. The best solution might be to replace the return fitting with a suction cover and just leave it as a wall suction.
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    Re: one pool jets sucks water

    Where is this one return located? Are you sure it is not a dedicated suction line for a pool cleaner?
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    Re: one pool jets sucks water

    Its located about a foot awayto the side of one of the Skimmer throats.
    I screwed the pool jet eye back on it and when I turn the valve to MD only it looses about half of the water in the basket of the pump which I think means the floor MD is blocked? Pump looses half its prime.
    I was reading buddywisers thread earlier on here. I guess performing some of his diagnostics wouldn't work for me since I have two MD a regular one and one that is impersonating a pool return jet lol

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    Re: one pool jets sucks water

    I figured this out. This was a dedicated suction line for pool vac.

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    Re: one pool jets sucks water

    Quote Originally Posted by Limey View Post
    I figured this out. This was a dedicated suction line for pool vac.

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    I was thinking that was the cause from the second sentence of your OP. Yaaay mystery solved!

    Those pipe problems can be such a pain because we can't see what is going on down there.

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    Re: one pool jets sucks water

    LOL yes. That was a while ago when I moved into this home. Had less of a clue than I do now about pools.

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