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Thread: Cost per equivalent FC

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    Cost per equivalent FC

    So I went to Leslie's yesterday to get some liquid 10% HOCl. I had a buy 2 get 1 free coupon as well as having filled out my buy 10 get one free card (the equivalent of a 10% discount).

    PB tells me that I'm better off getting Cal Hypo because it's 73% and therefore would be cheaper. Ignoring the CH issue, I told him he was wrong.

    If I spread that discount out to each purchase, it's $4.50/jug (sales tax included) for each 2½ gallons less the 10% "frequent shopper discount" = $4.05

    I paid for two ($8.10) and got three. So that's 960oz of 10% HOCl - that gets me about 55ppm (per pool calculator) or 14.7¢/ppm

    The same $8.10 using Cal Hypo gets me 2-16 oz bags so only 12ppm (again, per pool calculator). Roughly 67.5¢/ppm. To get equivalent 55ppm, I'd have to put in about 142 oz or 9 bags. At $4/bag, that's $36.

    (I'm sure someone will come along with a more graceful way to prove it out, but it's Monday)

    So, for a bit more hassle (lugging jugs back and forth), it's worth a six pack of Stella a week. Even if I don't have the coupon(every so often things don't line up), my cost is $22¢/ppm, worth a six pack of Miller Lite a week.

    More money in my pocket, less in PS's bottom line!
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    Re: Cost per equivalent FC

    I have seen cal-hypo come out less expensive than liquid HOCl every once in a while, especially when there is a major sale on 50 lb buckets. But the great majority of the time liquid HOCl comes out less expensive, as you have seen. Of course, if you actually need the calcium, and would be purchasing it separately, then cal-hypo can come out less expensive a higher percentage of the time.
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    Re: Cost per equivalent FC

    And here I thought I was smart buying powder.
    Bought a 100 lb bucket of cal-hypo at Leslies yesterday. The 100-lb was $190 and I think the 50 lb bucket was $130.
    At $1.90/lb, my normal weekly 4-lb shock treatment is $7.60. Using your bleach, I'd need 1.3 jugs = $5.43 a week or a mere $3.62 with the buy 2 get 3 deal.
    I can try to comfort myself by saying I don't need chlorine for another year. But I still feel less smart.

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